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Being the Champion of the World

The finest thing about this essay written by Maya Angelou is the idea that she incorporated the victory of Joe Louis with the state of the black Americans. Aside from this, she told a clear story of a certain time wherein racism is a very big issue. While she doesn’t really mind about anything else except what was happening in the television, she, together with the whole black society in their town watched as Louis tried his best to save the black dignity.

Perhaps, while Louis was in the middle of the fight and was about to fall down, he might have thought of the black people who waits for his victory and knows that if he will somehow lose, it might also be the end of the black pride and while he was falling, it was actually the whole black society who was falling. It was not Joe Louis alone but it was the whole black society. At this point, it doesn’t matter what color I have or in what race I belong.

White or Black, I still have the rights that a human being must have. There is no doubt that in the end, I am still an ame5rican and perhaps, by the end of the day, I will always be an American or maybe when I die, I was thinking, God may not ask me whether I was a white or black. Maybe who I was is enough to know that I am who I am. No buts and no ifs, it’s just the plain me in this reality. Several years ago, the whole country was divided into groups with their own respective ideals and beliefs.

The conflict between the white people and the black people, where in the latter was commonly oppressed and treated unfair by the rest of the society. In those times, it was a no way out situation for the black Americans, but right now, it was nothing compared before. In the end, whether you were black or white or whether you belong in a different race, the feeling of being one with the rest of the people matters so much than sticking to the usual and following what was being followed before.

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