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Bela Pinga, Ltd – WineZone Project

Bela Pinga, Ltd has decided to come up with an E-Commerce solution where its database requirements are to be prototyped and presented so as to capture all the entities and the information pertaining to them. After a thorough analysis of the company, all the requirements are gathered and further analyzed. A logical design is prepared to capture the information to model the business processes so that every piece of information is captured to a finer detail and exploited in its entirety. The logical design is transformed into physical database so that information pertaining to the use of business processes and retrieving information for use.

The final database designed would stand consistent across all business domains. It must prevent redundancy of data and eliminate the anomalies of adding, modification and deletion of data. Domain Description The business scenario contemplates the integration of all three departments and the exchange of information to stay synchronized for every transaction to be handled. The sales, purchasing and logistics departments are responsible for carrying out the business purpose of functioning and servicing the customers.

The envelopment of E-Commerce would make the departments to share information and data so that within a minimum amount of time they are able to process a transaction and cater to the customers in an efficient manner. The E-Commerce solution would bring all the various departments in the same page and integrate all the activities into a system which would further handle the storage of data for future handling and service. The system can be accessed across locations and would create views for every type of user.

The same user would not be able to view all information and change any database information. The privileges given to the user by the system would counteract all other privileges and the concerned person would be able to create and make changes to the database. The database would be responsible for faster handling of data and operations, better response to customer requirements in an efficient manner, better storage facilities for the business so that it can store customer data for further integration of interests and to service the customers better.

It would also enhance the appropriate use of time, effort and money so that their profits are regulated in a smooth manner. Statement of User Requirements The requirements analysis phase brings out the very thought of the various processes which would facilitate the user in satisfying the requirements. The flow of business is tracked so that the exact scenario is obtained and the loopholes are figured out to capitalize on them to cater better. At present the word processor and spread sheets are used for storing information about procurement and deliveries made.

It forms an inefficient way to distribute data and keep in synchronization with the information. The consistent factor of the information is not maintained across all locations. The present scenario of the sales department is catering to the customers with the point-of-sale option where queuing is the only option available for getting the products sold to the customers. It incurs a lot of resources like human and monetary issues. It also makes the entire idea of selling better to the customers with an online service.

The customers are at ease to order goods at will and would like to compare the products and its description before the final purchase of the products. The logistics department requires a healthier and timely process to cater to the customers’ delivery of goods appropriately and in a desired manner to increase greater satisfaction. The status of the inventory must be updated by all the departments at all times and the reflection must be quite consistent in nature so that there is no misrepresentation of data.

The purchase department must collate with the other offices for the procurement of the goods so that they do not run out of stock. The information regarding the purchase of goods and the description of the goods might be quite appropriate in nature. The payment transactions must be done in a manner that they are well in line with the company’s goals and profits. The exact tracking of all such transactions must be done and its interpretation must be made available for generating financial reports for the company.

The database would fill the data integrity, data consistency and information security requirements. The payment system must be well integrated with the e-commerce system so that every transaction which is finally signed is recorded and efficiently retrieved by the users of the system. The increase in the IT infrastructure would make the company regulate resources in a better and efficient way so that there is a greater satisfaction and professional nature to handle the business. The very structured nature of the business process would make things quite planned and decisive in nature.

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