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Project Save Miner

The purpose of the project is simply stated in two stages: – to find out what has gone wrong between SNE Heavy Equipment and Cold Stone Minerals. – to identify the existing problems and pin down the responsibility in order to put the project back on track successfully. Project Benefits and Success Criteria Our assignment with Cold Stone Minerals is a capital intensive, high yield project for us. But unfortunately we have gone wrong. Now the salvage operation aptly named ‘Save Miner’ is critical because it hopes to put the project back on track, after due investigation and reorganization or change in project management criteria.

The entire strategy is geared towards saving the project, which benefits all stakeholders- it benefits us because it reinforces our competencies and puts us back on cordial terms with our stakeholders and clients; it benefits Cold Stone Minerals because they do not have to go through the entire process of identifying another project consultant which may delay their prospecting and also lead to fresh budgets and expenses. It also benefits the computer service provider by prompting them to design glitch-free prospecting technology for us and find long term partners in us as well.

The project benefits the economy of Scotland by adding to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Finally, the success of the project benefits my career path. The project will be deemed a success if we are able to achieve the criteria as under: Get complete details on the project from the team assigned to it Analyze the situation and create the plan of action for successful turnaround Create sacrosanct deadline driven responsibility matrix for action Use “PERT methodology” (Programme Evaluation and Review Technique as stated by the consultants Booz, Allen, Hamilton) to quantify risk and assess on schedule headway in Project ‘Save Miner’

Have a clearly defined, pre planned risk control mechanism in place for any contingencies whether internal or external, during the turnaround phase Work as a team, and not as individuals Work as extended teams ‘with’ our clients, not ‘for’ them as service providers Take leadership as a ‘style’, not as a ‘management tool’ Be empowered to address the issues locally, with due approvals from headquarters in matters of policy and finance Create effective formats for documentation, data storage, analysis, internal and external communication

Bring about effective stakeholder satisfaction by fulfilling all the relationship criteria, as outlined in the charter Initiate a formal document for review and measurement of all the above in excel, with status updates and comments for review Project Scope for ‘Save Miner’ (Detailed project scope table appended as Annexure 2) This is a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) representation of the scope of the project. And we must remember this is just the tip of the iceberg. Project constraints

Team dissatisfaction may take some time to dissipate, during which output and reconciliation may not be optimum. The limitation of time is another constraint- we are already late and the client is losing out on their business opportunity due to our initial incompetency. Lack of budgets with Cold Stone Minerals may result in financial crunch, especially since Time and Material costs are going to be high during recovery. Project risks (defined in detail in Annexure 3) It is worthy of note that the main culprit, Brainy Systems (BS) Inc, are totally risk free.

Conclusion In conclusion, it is fair to quote Harvey Maylor, when he states in the opening lines of his book, “… we must consider project management to be more than the product of a technical activity… projects often have a sizeable creative element. This creative element requires a different approach. It is described as the product of order and chaos. Managing the chaos without stifling the creative nature of the process is a major challenge for the project manager”. (2005. Page 1). This essay is 2081 words long.

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