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Billing is accurate

Billing is accurate . It is very important that the billing is accurate. Over billing would undermine the customers’ confidence and low billing would erode the profits. Therefore in my restaurant, I would definitely instruct the cashier to check the bill with the customers’ order requests before sending the bills down to the customer.

WAIT TIME – did the waiter come on his own or did you have to call him. The wait time would be the time lapsed before the customer is noticed by the waiter.

This time gap will be a pointer to the efficiency of the waiters . In case the time lag is long , it could also mean that the number of waiters may have to be increased or their work procedures redesigned. Therefore  I would take feedback on the services at the restaurant where one of the columns would be the “wait time” before the customer is attended to. Periodically I would inspect these feedback forms and take necessary action.

COURTESY & POLITENESS – Greeter greets you all the time and directs a waiter to your table . It has to be ensured that the greeter is always available to greet the guests on their arrival. It gives a feeling of being welcome at the restaurant and also goes a long way in setting customer expectations.

The customers would be assured  their presence is acknowledged. One more question in the feedback form would be “whether the customers felt being received warmly”. If the answer is “no” I would instruct the greeter to be more efficient.

CONSISTENCY – consistency in the quality of food is a must for a successful restaurant. Obtaining a feedback from the customer ensures that the chefs perform consistently and quality is not sacrificed in the mad rush to serve orders on time. One of the points would be “quality of food – satisfactory / very satisfactory / not so satisfactory. In the event of receiving “not so satisfactory” continuously, it would mean the quality of food is not upto the mark and I would consider even changing the chefs!

RESPONSIVENESS – how would you rate the waiter understanding your needs that is, whether the waiter was proactively giving information on the menu / contents of the menu whenever  required. This would not only aid the customers in taking quick decisions but also give them a feeling that their tastes are being understood by the waiter. If, based on the feedback, I realize it has not been happening, I would train the waiters to do so.

ACCESSIBILITY – the menu card and related rates made available to you. Some waiters are too quick in removing the menu cards and the customers do not have access to the menu and the prices. It has to be ensured that the cards are removed only after the customers are done with it. Customers are comfortable when they see in print the menu items together with the prices as they could guesstimate the final bill. Therefore if the feedback on accessibility is not good, the waiters would be trained to do the needful.

AESTHETICS – is the table cleaned well and laid down aesthetically. A cleanly maintained restaurant also gives the feeling of being well maintained. More over adorning the tables with fresh flowers etc will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the restaurant. As the ambience of the restaurant is one of the important factors, I would personally supervise the settings in the restaurant.

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