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The Person That Most Influenced My Interest In The Cooking Field

The art of cooking is one of the upcoming industries in the world today. Food service, operation of restaurants and other entities that serve meals and beverages (Puckett, 2004) has been an area of my outmost interest. This has been as a result of the influence of my Aunt Sherrie, who owns a chain of restaurant in California with the best management and quality services offered to her customers. Food service and hospitality field

Being a Bachelor of Science student in the culinary art field, the influence of my aunt has been the major reason of the choice of my career. She has managed to operate a chain of restaurants with exquisite dishes and quality services to her customers that has led to the attraction of a number of customers within and without the locality. Her knowledge in the food service and hospitality field is outstanding. On the other hand, with her management expertise, her restaurants have been ranked among the best food service and hospitality industry in California.

Her coordination of a variety of activities and other difficult tasks like dealing with irate customers and uncooperative employees is an exceptional phenomenon and character she possesses. More over her restaurants has managed to incorporate a number of up coming technology innovations. This has increased efficiency and reduced the cost of hiring a number of employees. The use of computers to track orders and the seating of patrons has increased the quality of services offered in her restaurants.

Point-of-service systems (POS) that allows servers to key in a customer’s order, either in the table using a hand held device or from a computer terminal in the dining room and send orders instantly has reduced the time spent by employees taking orders from the customers and has also increased the efficiency of her restaurants. Her management efforts, industriousness and her innovations have interested me in a number of ways. Being a student, my ambitions and goals is to open my own restaurant in New York that serves a variety of meals and beverages.

Customer relation, management, innovation and high standard hygiene will be my main objective of my food and hospitality industry. Customer satisfaction and employees management will also be of great significance in my industry. This will help meet the high standards required in the food industry. My career goal is to be able to have a state of the earth management and operations of the food industry and to provide the best service to my esteemed customers. Conclusion

In order to run and operate in a food and hospitality field, it is imperative to have continuous innovations, quality service and up to date management of employees and good relations with the customers due to the current competition in the market. Customers are very significant and this requires that they be served according to their requirements. Food service and hospitality field requires advanced hygiene and this will attract more customers and hence increasing the growth of the food industry. Reference 1. Puckett, R. P. (2004). Food service manual for Health Institutions. 3rd Ed. Jossey – Bass

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