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Web Field Trip: FBI/IRS

Accounting careers in the business world are just as important to the specific organization as an accounting career with either the FBI or the IRS is to the government and the citizens of the United States. In the event that a business accountant makes a mistake or acts fraudulently, even on a grand scale, however, it would affect a smaller group of people in comparison. Typically, accountants employed by businesses come into work and perform similar tasks on a daily basis.

Although accounting is a background requirement for each of these government agencies, it seems that it would be among many core duties and responsibilities of an FBI Special Agent (FBI, 2007). In the business world, I would not expect to make arrests, interrogate suspects and talk with informants, or operate firearms. With both, the IRS and the FBI, background checks and four-year degrees are required.

There is no exception or substitution available in the FBI application process, but the IRS does offer a couple of alternatives (FBI, 2007; IRS, 2007). Being an FBI Special Agent is an incredibly demanding job, physically and mentally, thus, a fitness test is also mandatory. More often than not, when a business hires accounting staff or any employees for that matter, the position is filled in a relatively short amount of time.

The application processes for these two agencies state that it could be anywhere from six months to several years before an employment offer is made, if at all. As a Special Agent trainee at the FBI Academy, one would be paid $51,043 per year, or $1,963 twice per month (FBI, 2007). There are several bonuses, like the $22,000 high-cost one-time payment, the Quantico, VA locality adjustment of 17. 50%, and availability pay (FBI, 2007).

There are not many accounting positions, in my experience, that pay as high at the entry level. These numbers are inviting, seeing as how there would be nowhere to go but up from this point. References FBI, (2007). Special agents. Retrieved September 22, 2007, from Federal Bureau of Investigation Careers Web site: http://www. fbijobs. gov/114. asp IRS, (2007). Careers at IRS. Retrieved September 22, 2007, from United States Internal Revenue Service Web site: http://www. jobs. irs. gov/car_accounting. html

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