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California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission

My accumulated experiences during my thirty five years of progressive participation in various fields of specialization, especially those concerning the State of California, has enabled me to acquire the special skills needed in being one of the pioneers of our state’s Citizens’ Redistricting Commission. This included, among others, having direct inter-personal associations with the different sectors and in different geographic localities that make for the diversity of our society, including factors such as race, religion, demography, gender, and/or social stratum.

The aforementioned factors, I believe, entitles me the necessary qualifications as an appropriate candidate for one of the seats in the said commission, as I have consistently exhibited a sense of responsibility and duty aimed towards the greater good of the different sectors that comprise the State of California. My professional responsibilities benefited me with the opportunity to witness firsthand the intrinsic characteristics of our state. From Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Irvine, Hollywood, Brea, Norwalk, and Northridge, I had personally known the predicaments that are uniquely prevalent in these societies.

As my responsibilities were people-oriented and delved on various classifications such as the supervision of outreach programs for ethnic communities, recruiting people with bilingual capabilities as poll watchers, examination of census applications based on employment eligibilities, direct access to customers’ inquiries regarding hardware and software applications in the Census Bureau, supervision of developing partnerships with state, local, and tribal authorities and other grass root entities within the regional office area for our Census Bureau, and in providing support for the bureau’s field operations, such as in recruitment, questionnaire assistance centers, and other fields related to the said agency, my knowledge on California’s demography and geography is truly as extensive as my experience implies.

The long years that I have spent with the different sectors of our society has made me aware of the need for our populace to be equally represented in their electoral rights. It is indeed a blessing that the task of redistricting had been delegated to the very people who will benefit from this legislation, and will have direct participation in the redrawing of our district lines.

This practice will negate the existing condition of some of these districts being misrepresented, in the demographic sense, and will result in changes aimed towards a more dynamic representation of every culture, economic status, creed, gender, and ethnicity in our state. My past as well as my present responsibilities opened my views on the realities prevailing in various communities in California, especially on the semblance of disparity when compared with other districts. California’s Citizens’ Redistricting Commission will assure that these disparities are checked, reviewed, and amended in accordance with the aspired notions of impartiality and equality, as guaranteed by the esteemed laws of our nation.

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