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Citizens’ Redistricting Commission

My extensive professional experiences that spanned for more than thirty five years had benefited me well. It allowed me countless opportunities to witness firsthand the various needs specific to a particular culture. Other than mastering my craft, I have learned to disregard a person’s race, religion, and economic standing whenever I was tasked in making a decision for the good of the majority.

I believe my past endeavors had prepared me well in my quest to be of service to the State of California with the implementation of the first ever Citizen’s Redistricting Commission; in assuring that each district will be well-represented with our inherent geographic, economic, and racial factors that make for the dynamic social diversity of our great State. My professional career began in Seoul, South Korea. As a General Manager in Lucky Goldstar, my responsibilities centered more on planning and management.

My tasks here included the initialization of business plans, detailing organizational structure, investment allocations, sales promotion strategies, and in business adjustment of computers and communication industries within the said Company. As the Senior Executive Managing Director of Orient Telecom Ltd, my responsibilities included start-up operation and management, particularly on staffing, purchasing, and on financial statements. However, it was in California where I was given the opportunity to further my expertise and to include among them a dedication to be of service to the society.

During the years 2000 to 2006, my tasks in the private sector included being the Account Manager of Globix Corporation, and as the Senior Director/Supply Chain Management of Doublesight Display, LLC. During the course of the these tasks, my responsibilities included co-location, web hosting, dedicated access, streaming media and electronic commerce, in supplying contracts to panel makers in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, in inspection and inventory control, and setting up the Asian market development for international network.

More so, I had been fortunate to serve our State by being an Election Coordinator (Registrar-Recorder), of Los Angeles, from 2002-2003. Here, I was tasked with designing outreach programs to ethnic communities for recruiting bilingual poll workers, was in charge of media presentation for voting procedures, and in translation and proof reading. I also served as an Office Operations Supervisor of the U. S. Census Bureau in Norwalk, from 2008 to 2009, where I was responsible for the inventory, control, and management of all mobile computing equipments and FDCA office equipments.

Here I was also tasked with the examination and determination of census applications based on employment eligibility factors and hiring restrictions. From 2009 thereon, I have been a Partnership Specialist of the U. S. Census Bureau in Northridge, where I am responsible for developing partnership with the state, local and tribal governments. I also have the responsibility to provide support to census field operations such as in recruitment, in Be Counted, Questionnaire Assistance Centers, non-responsive follow ups, and others of the same cause.

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