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Comprehensive Protection Plan

Developing a comprehensive protection plan is of upmost importance if personal security and safety is to be maintained. All likely scenarios should be evaluated and courses of action rehearsed so that in the event of an incident taking place, the client is safe from any harm and the potential risk is greatly minimized. Threats to individuals can come from a number of sources; prime targets include people with lots of wealth or political influence. Business rivals may hire assassins to finish off their competitors, or terrorist organizations may attack key persons in government to antagonize the target.

An initial assessment of the potential threats that an individual faces will reveal the major areas that need to be covered in the protection plan. Wealthy people with no political affiliations are prone to attacks from kidnappers and con persons out to swindle them of their money. Political figures are at great risk from terrorist organizations and rival politicians who would stop at nothing to see them dead. After establishing the main sources of danger to the client, the plan should be developed taking into consideration the tools of trade normally employed by those carrying out criminal acts.

With regard to politicians the emphasis is on keeping them alive while for wealthy people, the protection plan should focus on preventing abductors from kidnapping close family members or the client. Areas that the plan should incorporate include the transportation arrangements, personal security and communication networks. Transportation Concerns All drivers engaged by the client must be thoroughly vetted prior to employment. Security checks should be very meticulous and where possible, federal intelligence agencies should be approached to verify the references and conduct background checks on the potential employees.

Jobs should be advertised through reputable employment agencies and the candidates must fulfill a number of requirements. These include experience in defensive driving, training in handling small arms and advanced status in martial arts. The client’s vehicle must at all times be escorted by a chase car; one in front and the other behind. The chase cars should have at least two bodyguards and a driver each who are trained in handling small arms and assault weapons. Defensive driving and extensive knowledge of the road network are important requirements for all security staff.

In emergency situations, the drivers are expected to evaluate the best route to take to avoid the potential danger and risks. All bodyguards have to be trained in defensive driving so as to relive the main driver when circumstances demand so. Developing daily routines is detrimental to the safety of the client. Mapping out alternative routes to regular destinations is important to derail attackers from staging attacks on the convoy. Bullet proof tires and windows; armor plated bodies; and, bomb proof under carriages are essential for every vehicle in a bid to foil any attack.

Satellite tracking systems should be fitted on all vehicles to establish their whereabouts at any point in time. Other modifications to the vehicles include systems that allow for the vehicle to travel underwater for a substantial distance. Air travel precautions include booking of adjacent seats and the ones in front and behind the client. At all times, the client should travel with two bodyguards to ensure adequate protection; they can occupy the front and rear seats. Similar arrangements for the next of kin are required to reduce the level of risk facing the client. Personal Security

Personal security for the client and immediate family members is very important; the home is one of the most vulnerable places and the living quarters have to be very secure. A perimeter wall with an electric fence, armed guards patrolling with watchdogs round the clock, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) and sensor alarms are some of the things that are required to secure the property. Direct links to rapid response rescue units will enhance the security of the home. With regard to domestic workers, the vetting procedure should be as rigorous as that for the drivers.

All employees should have impeccable references and background checks should be conducted meticulously. Cooked food should be tasted by the chefs to ensure that no poison has been planted and all drinks should be opened in front of the client. When traveling to areas considered as medium to high risk, the client should wear a bullet proof vest to protect him against gun attacks. To increase the client’s chances of survival, it is prudent for them undergo training in small arms, and where possible, learn some form of martial arts.

Before vacationing at various resort or homes, the bodyguards should conduct a surveillance check to ensure that all is well. This should include the use of sniffer dogs to detect bombs and other dangerous materials. The perimeter grounds should be inspected to ensure that there are no breaks in the wall, and that all entry points to the living quarters are properly secured. The same level of caution should be exercised when delivering clients to the office or escorting them to various functions.

In tense political situations, the level of risk should be assessed and evacuation plans for the client and immediate family placed on a high state of readiness. Travel documents for family members and the client should be updated at all times. Evacuation plans should include the transferring vital property that the client will need while in exile. Alternative modes of transport should be factored into the plan to ensure that the process of evacuation takes off smoothly. Communication Concerns The client‘s communication network should be as secure as possible.

This calls for strict monitoring of incoming calls to filter out those calls that the client should take and those that can be delegated to the personal assistant (PA). The client’s direct line should be made known to people on a ‘as is needed basis’; all other calls should be routed to the office or the PA. The telephone lines should be made secure through the use of technology like scramblers or any other device. Email communication should be filtered by the PA and urgent communication passed to the client for further action.

All vehicles should be fitted with intercoms so that the occupants can keep in touch with each other at all times. Further, mobile phones need to be fitted with devices that prevent electronic eavesdropping or tapping. The client should wear a homing device at all times, so that the protection team can keep track of his movements. This will assist the backup team to respond in a timely manner when the client is faced with danger. As part of the communication network, a communications room should be established at a central place so that coordination of all communication activities can be organized.

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