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Critical thinker

Physcology is the study of the way of thinking in the human and it is aimed at coming up with answers about human thinking. The main aim is to know why humans act the way they do and what triggers. When it comes to a case like of these two students where one is not very happy with the test results and thinks the harder he studies the more he fails. He goes ahead to advice his roommate not to be studying which seems rather not right with him.

For him he wants to be a critical thinker and to and should undergo certain steps to come up with a decision that will be good for him (Diestler, 2004). DISCUSSION When one is taking the process of critical thinking, they should get to first ask pertinent questions and assess statements and arguments. For instance, in this case Wally should examine carefully what his roommate said and see if the same case applies to him and if he does not understand the whole situation, he can ask another friend.

Wally should also be very curious and find about his roommate’s story and how many people think the same. He should also find out if the only solution in this case is to stop studying or even study harder and if there is a mistake that the students usually make. In his critical thinking, he should also put in to consideration the beliefs, assumptions and opinions. He should also be ready for opinions from other people and this should consider what they have to offer as their opinions because this can help as one makes their decision.

The other thing that Wally should do is to first assess the truth of all information on before making a decision in the particular issue. In conclusion, before making a decision when it comes to critical thinking the concern person must go through a process (Diestler, 2004).

REFERENCES Diestler, S. (2004). Becoming a critical thinker: a User-friendly Manual. London: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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