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Definition of Effectiveness

In basic terms, effectiveness is defined as a measure of quality of a certain process. It is the level to which goals and objectives are achieved and the extent to which problems and other considerations are taken into account and resolved. In business, effectiveness means “doing the right things” (Luthra 2007). Having an effective process ensures that every element of the process is working well and creating outputs that conform to the requirements of the process. II. Challenges of On-line Team Learning

On-line team learning face challenges that relates to the effectiveness of on-line learning and virtual interaction with other people. Connectivity and technological issues, communication problems, time constraint and group diversity are the challenges that threaten the effectiveness of online team learning. Connectivity and technological issues include slow connection, longer download and upload times, and database failure. Slow connection triggers slower learning because users have to wait for several minutes for a homepage to load.

It also makes participation in online discussion and meetings difficult. Sharing of files among members of the team will also be difficult if upload and download times are longer. Database error and link errors also prevents the users from viewing and downloading necessary files (Henry 2005). Time constraint and communication problems between team members also hinder effective learning. Sometimes members do not have enough time or have difficulties in accessing the internet and so, they cannot participate in the discussion (Henry 2005).

Misunderstandings also occur due to choppy voices during voice conferences and because some people are not comfortable with online interaction. Group diversity is also another challenge to consider (Henry 2005). Imagine a team that consists of different individuals from different countries and having different culture and ideas; understanding each other seems to be difficult. Sometimes, the ideas of the members contradict with each other and acceptance of other person’s ideas seems to be difficult especially if the person does not understand the point.

Language proficiency and literacy is also very essential for all the team members to avoid misunderstanding of statements and ideas. III. Ways to Accomplish Challenges The effectiveness of on-line team learning depends on how the team members perform and also depends on the effectiveness of the established system. To accomplish the challenges discussed above, certain methods should be done. First, prior to conducting on-line team learning, a stable website host and database should be selected.

The database should be capable enough to integrate everything in just one website to avoid the hassle of opening multiple accounts. It should also allow efficient voice conferences, file and program sharing, online discussion and other necessary activities needed. Members are also recommended to subscribe to a broadband provider for better connection speed. Second, a program should be created that will require the students to input their available schedule. This schedule will be the basis for grouping so that team members will have the same free schedule for on-line learning.

This will aid in effective discussion because team members can discuss their topic of concern during their free schedule. Third, the challenge of group diversity can be accomplish by creating a program that will allow forums and profile views. Free profile views will allow the members to know their co-members better and regular forums will exercise the members in expressing their ideas in an understandable and acceptable way to avoid any misunderstanding or conflict.

Most of all, respect, understanding and acceptance of each others’ ideas makes the atmosphere more conducive for learning and the learning process more effective. References: Online Article: Henry, R. (2005). Online Learning: The Many Challenges. Ezine Articles. p. 1 from http://ezinearticles. com/? Online-Learning—The-Many-Challenges&id=35146 Online Dictionary: Luthra, V. (2007). Effectiveness. Business Dictionary, from http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/effectiveness. html

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