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DNA and proteins

Dolls R Us Inc. is committed to provide the highest quality products in the toys market. The company’s main focus is not profitability, but actually rests on the safety and protection of its consumers, especially the children who patronize our products. This letter is to serve notice that we will be no longer carrying the Huggable Suzie doll item effective immediately. Analysis of the last batch of the product revealed slight traces of ionizing radioactive materials.

From research, it has been known that “ionizing radiation is far more dangerous than nonionizing radiation because it can directly damage cellular DNA and proteins, causing cell death or possibly cancer” (Gilbert 151). This letter is also to provide details regarding our voluntary recall of the said product. Selling of Huggable Suzie doll products from lot # 15743 should be stopped and all items belonging to these lots should be returned by our customers.

Distributors are ordered to post a product recall notice at every register as well as on prominent areas for our customers to see. A copy of the notice is enclosed herein for your reference and distribution. Please strongly advise our customers to return the products, regardless of condition, with a full refund. Dolls R Us administration has begun the process of contacting most of our customers especially those who have provided information during product purchase. The company, in cooperation with the government, has already deployed specialists at all store/distributor locations.

They will be in charge of the proper handling of these products as well as managing the health concerns of individuals who have come in contact with the said item including all store personnel. These products should be stored in lead-lined containers and returned to warehouse no. 17 only. The lead-lined containers will be distributed to all stores. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have questions, please contact our Product Recall Division. Sincerely, Rohann Aniston President, Quality Dolls R Us Inc.

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