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Title Of Assignment

As the time passes, business world is re-shaped and re-defined by a number of forces. However, one of the most influencing forces that changed the business domain altogether was that of information and technology. Internet resulted in emergence of new business models. Earlier, the only business model was the brick and mortar one. Gradually, as the technology penetrated the business world, two new models also popped up, click and mortar and click only. One of the most successful e-business sites are those online book sellers. Amazon is one the biggest success stories of click only business models.

This is thus intended to identify the features and processes that create an element of differentiation for these online booksellers and to determine the ways these can be adopted to the online video selling business. In online model, there are certain specific concerns of the customer, which are usually not there in brick and mortar system. Few most common of them are the online payment mechanism used by the website, the shipping rates, delivery period etc. Thus, the most essential things an online business needs to ensure are primarily related to online payments mechanisms and product delivery.

Let us discuss each one of them. When something is purchased online, the most common mode of payment is through credit cards. Such payment takes place after several steps. At times, so many steps become a reason for customer not to purchase online. To avoid this situation, Amazon gives a special feature called one click ordering feature. In this method, the customer signs up to this feature and all his relevant data are then kept with the system, the customer just need to sign in and with a single click he can make the payment.

This feature is equally applicable to the video selling websites, as payment would be an integral feature for such sites too and customers want hassle-less process. Second important feature is the shipping discounts. If physical goods are to be shipped to the client in response to online buying, this process needs to be most efficient. This is so because of the fact that unlike conventional store buying model where payment and delivery are made simultaneously, this is not the case with the online purchase. In cyber arena, usually payment is made first and goods are delivered later.

Thus, inconsistency in product quality or delays in delivery process may result into reluctance of customer for future purchase, at least for that particular website. Thus, these sites do provide shipping discounts and fastest delivery deals. Online video selling website can also used the same feature. To add to it, it may also provide that delivery status checking feature to its customers. Frequent customers may also be given the feature of quick delivery at ordinary rates etc. Likewise, loyalty cards can also be provided to its frequent customers.

One of the core strength of Amazon. com is its capability to analyze the customer, his purchase history and navigation pattern to make wise judgments. For example, when a book is selected, down the page a list of books are shown that have been purchased after viewing that particular page along with relevant percentage. Likewise, for the webpage of every movie, relevant subsequent purchase statistics and links can be shown. Moreover, using purchase history of the customer, the company can show what movies other users have bought after buying the movie last bought by that user.

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