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Drug substances

People have been taking alcohol and alcoholic beverages since prehistoric times. The discovery of the distillation process back in the 12th century made it possible to prepare alcoholic drinks that contained higher alcohol content. Alcohol and caffeine form the two most widely used drug substances in the world, though alcohol consumption is more prevalent among the youths and adults.

According to an article,”Alcohol use and safe drinking”, over 6 percent of the teens in the United States can be considered to be either dependent on or abuse alcohol, meaning that they either have withdrawal symptoms when trying to reduce their drinking habits or often drink compulsively without putting in mind the negative consequences (Zieve, Para. 2). It should however be noted that deciding whether to drink or not is a personal decision that each of us has to take. On the same note, the drawing of a separation line between use and misuse of alcohol has often been in contention.

Personally, the two prevalent authorities that have shaped my use of alcohol are my parents and the military. From my early childhood, my parents were a good example as far as drinking is concerned. This is because none of them used to drink and at the same time, the rule of “no alcohol consumption” in the family was almost in black and white. As an alcohol researcher Caitlin Abar from Pennsylvania State University notes that parents’ role and rules in alcohol consumption do matter, while their behavior equally plays a role in teenagers’ later drinking habits (Abar, Para. 1).

My parents probably understood that children from alcohol dependent families have a higher risk of developing psychiatric problems and could consequently result into alcoholism. Therefore, they insisted on religious teachings that did not allow consumption of alcohol. It bears noting that even as my peers consumed alcohol during parties and outings, I must admit that it is out of my parents’ firm rules that I kept away from drinking, at least before the hard family rules handed me over to even tighter rules of the military. I do not in any way imply that taking alcohol is a form of indiscipline, since this often depends on individuals.

However, the two have, in most cases, displayed a positive correlation coefficient. As a result, the high level of discipline standards required in the military helped in shaping my attitude as far as drinking is concerned. The military training as well as the career its self has had a positive impact on me. As the people entrusted with the security of nations, the laxity, sluggishness as well as the slumber that is often associated with drunkenness can certainly not be accepted in the military. In order to become a trustworthy and responsible soldier as far as national security is concern, any alcoholic associations are out of question.

Can you think of a military camp where the enemy strikes on a Friday evening only to find the entire military recuperating from the effects of alcohol? Such a military camp would certainly perish together with its nation as the enemy would have captured the source of the entire nation’s defense. In conclusion, the effects of alcohol can be far reaching, and have become a big challenge both for the youths and adults. Those who entirely misuse alcohol go through different challenges and a full recovery is often taxing, difficult and requires time, as well as psychiatric help in severe cases.

Informed by the immediate foregoing, it is probably the reason why I do not use alcohol. However, a bigger portion of my behavior is attributable to my parents and the military career. While my parents set a good example by not using or misusing alcohol, the family rules equally did not allow indulgence into alcoholism thus giving a big prop to the same. As I grew up, the next governing rules immediately after getting out of my parents’ hands were in the military. This too, influenced and shaped my behavior in regard to use and misuse of alcohol.

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