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Educational status

Introduction of the person who you are profiling (first names only, gender, age, educational status etc) and identify the person’s antisocial behaviors you have observed or are aware of. o Name: G o Gender: Male o Age: 17 y. o. o Educational Status: High School 2. Consequences that have been a result of the person’s behaviors (person fired, loss of friends, school punishments etc). o Loss of Friends and fired from the job There were dire consequences with the kind of lifestyle that G had been leading.

He lost his childhood friends as their parents were not so keen on the kind of group that the kids were going with and especially G who had been seen as a teenager who may look and act who behaves well but they cant seem to reach him. 3. Your opinion on the major factors, which have contributed to the person’s behaviors (inept parenting, low socio-economics living environment, lack of coping skills, etc. ). Major factors why G turned into a delinquent include the fact that his parents did not know how to raise children, coupled with the low socioeconomic condition that he grew up with.

Then he was imprisoned for some petty crimes and then he was introduced to the dire conditions in the prison system. 4. Interventions that have been tried with the person in attempts to improve behaviors (anger management classes, therapy, peer mentoring, etc) One of the strategies is peer mentoring which G sees as having a sense contribution to his particular world. Another was therapy, however it was short lived as G seemed so adamant in breaking away from any form of control or authority. 5. Your opinion on any programs, services the person should be involved with.

Teen is advised to join Alcoholics Anonymous and participate in the detoxification process. Since G experimented with Meth and alcohol, which had started to take over him, it had been advised that he be confined to an institution where these interventions are provided on a regular basis. 6. Comments on similarities or differences between the person you are profiling and what you have learned about people with antisocial behaviors. So far G is not as worse as that of the subjected criminal, and was thus changed.

However, if situations at home won’t change or his social support or structure will continue to be shaky, possibilities for relapse and a worsened case scenario is not very far. 7. Use first name only of person you are writing about. Also include in your summary some of the factors about the person re. Where they live, influences of community or family that has had an effect on the person. G lived in the outskirts of the city. With this fact/reality alone, G feels that he and others with him will be quite okay since there are people who are looking out for him.

In a place where crime rate is quite high, the world of the teen and his friends takes precedence. G Introduction The reality of the American prison system and it’s almost apparent “failure’ in curbing criminality and violence is definitely appalling. This is the news today on the burgeoning prison system from a major online server host. More than a million inmates that the government funds and more will be coming to get inside has probably boggled the minds those people in Washington in charge that hopefully, they will stop coming in.

However, that will probably happen in the next several years. Demographics reveal also that for an average of nine deaths occur daily among the 19 years old and below. The necessity for preventive approach then, is certainly an understatement if people look at the grave facts that this country is facing concerning violence. This paper is a brief summary and review of how an effective violence reduction program looks like and how its efficacy is measured (Satcher, 2007).

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