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Evaluating Website Instructions

In the instructions, warnings are written in illegible texts; that are not well spaced and have small font size without proper paragraphs, in addition texts in small and capital letters are mixed up in the same line, therefore they are not conspicuous, causing customers to easily misinterpret the instructions. Texts and graphics are not integrated together thus the customer can not clearly comprehend some of the information in the instructions especially on identifying the specific parts in the stairs thus causing errors during installation.

There are instructions that a customer is expected to observe that are supposed to have been looked into by the manufacturer before issuing the stairs, therefore a customer is required to look for an expertise who is experienced in many areas to install the stairs. Fourthly, some instructions are incomplete; a customer is required to make a call to their service department to access them.

In each step, it holds a lot of information therefore it is difficult for the customer to comprehend all of them at the same time. Changes that need to be made in printer-friendly version Texts should be well paragraphed and properly spaced in order to be clear and up to date. Capital and small letters should not be mixed in a singe line instead titles and sub titles may be used, bold or italic styles may also be used for emphasis.

Avoid compressing texts in a column instead it should be spread to cover a whole page to enhance clarity. Also, font size used to describe parts of the stairs and statements accompanying them should be precise. Lastly, short and clear instructions should be used instead of using a lot of information in describing a single step (Memphis Folding stairs). Reference Memphis Folding stairs retrieved on June 2009, from http://www. memphisfoldingstairs. com/index. htm

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