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The Therapy Website

The Therapy Website (http://thetherapywebsite. co. uk) is a website that provides a wide array of information pertaining specifically to psychological therapy. The website features internal links which redirect the visitor to various articles, from a section explaining the history and goals of the website to a number of external links which will take the reader to relevant outside websites. The graphical interface of the website is simple as it generally consists of three hues of purple with very minimal images that can interfere with the browsing of the site visitor.

One noticeable feature of the website is that every page in the site is accompanied with a photo of the environment. For example, the homepage features a photograph of the sandy shores of a beach with the blue sky in the background. The Psychotherapy and Supervision section of the website also features a photograph of water falling down to a larger body of water in a dark background. Apparently, the pictures included in each section of the website appear to suggest that the therapy sessions and knowledge that the visitors to the site are searching for begin at the moment that the visitor clicks a page in the website.

That is, the therapy starts right after a webpage has opened. In general, the website is user-friendly because of the basic layout of the page elements as well as the search feature which can be located in the left side of every webpage. At the top of each webpage, shortcut links are provided which can take the visitor to the main sections of the website. The font-type and font-size of the characters in the webpage are also easily readable, thereby allowing the visitors to the site to read every line and follow every instruction effectively and efficiently.

The website also provides contact information at the top-right corner of each webpage as well as a feedback form at the left side, thereby easing the direct communication between the site visitor and the site owners. The homepage features news related to psychotherapy such as the latest conferences within the United Kingdom as well as the latest websites that tackle the same issues pertaining to psychotherapy.

In the “Abouts” tab of the website, the user can learn more information about the website, about the author’s approach and on how to make contact with the site’s creators. The “Training/CPD” tab of the website features informative links about workshops and courses, conferences and therapy groups. A site visitor is also encouraged to get in-touch with the site’s author if he is aware of any related event and if he wants that event to be included in the website’s listed events.

Aside from the usual articles pertaining to psychotherapy that site visitors can expect, the website also features a “Support & Fun Stuff” section where visitors can learn about other interactive websites which showcase audio and video clips that provide therapeutic sessions. The section also features things that site visitors can perform on their own right at the comfort of their homes with the click of a mouse, such as several mind-games and other simple mental exercises.

One weakness of the website is that its simple approach may seem too plain for the site visitor who may be expecting more “substance” from the website. Another weakness of the website is that it is rarely updated on a regular basis. In fact, the latest event posted in the site’s homepage is a conference which has been held last July 23-28, 2008. Overall, the website provides sufficient information to visitors who expect the basics and other extra features that neither complex nor difficult to follow. Reference The Therapy Website. (2008). Retrieved November 30, 2008, from http://www. thetherapywebsite. co. uk/

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