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Procter and Gamble Websites

Procter and Gamble has been known as one of the prominent companies in the world for having the credibility of providing quality products and services to the global market. Apparently, the company has been using the entire communication tools that are possible to reach the market. In order to give the customers information about the operation, products, mission and vision, and values of the company, P&G uses its official website to give the consumers what they needed to know regarding the organization that has been serving and providing consumer goods for more than a century.

In the official website of the company for China, the banner portrays the trademark font of P&G; however, all the words are written in Chinese letters indicating the language of the target market. Even though the website can be easily classified as a linked from the official homepage of the company, the endorsers show the nationality of the target customers of that link. The website is loaded with images of commercial models and information about the products that are being offered by the company.

On the other hand, the website for Mexico does not portray many images and shows limited links that would give the visitors information needed. However, the website shows Spanish words indicating the language of the target consumers. Lastly, the website for Japan portrays pictures of Japanese families and the images of the products. Like the first two websites, it is written in the language of the Japanese market (P&G, 2009).

Undeniably, P&G has gone to many transformations before coming up with a competitive organization that is able to dominate the world trade industry. The websites for different countries indicate the marketing plan of the company and the sincerity of giving the best service possible for the customers. References P&G. (2009). Global Operations. March 9, 2009 <http://www. pg. com/company/who_we_are/globalops. shtml>

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