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Promotion Writing on Selecta Ice Cream Product

Selecta ice cream, under the RFM Corporation, Unilever, is offering a new pack consists of two flavors, namely Cookies and Cream and Coffee Crunch ice creams, called Selecta Double Supreme. The said product is packed in a convenient family pack, weighing 1. 5L. An introduction of the product to the market is broadsheet-based, though the company uses the television commercials, too. This is to hype latterly developed packaging of products to gain popularity in the market, to which the advertisement mainly targets kids, families, ice cream lovers and for small events.

This is to offer them a variation of flavors in one pack. Broadsheets are common prints to place advertisements in launching new products, as newspapers have generally become part of the daily life. More so, these are basically used in disseminating information in a general-audience publication (Asher, 1). The advertisement uses images that create meaning and messages familiar to the target market. Meaning, even when the person is busy with other things, comprehending the advertisement is possible. It contains only relevant and concise words.

In connection to this, the ad breaks through the clutter for the target market by advertising more heavily so they will be heard. Every detail inculcated is directly competitive for the brand. This can actually be an advantage since readers consume time reading printed materials; therefore, complete detail and usage of imagery are provided. Rating the ad from 1-10, with 10 as the highest, ad effectiveness could be given a 9. The product doesn’t require much of niche marketing. Therefore, target market is wide. As for reaching the target, the ad just fits. Comparative to the main competitor, which is Magnolia, Selecta stands out.

Superior customer value is created in communicating messages when customers make their choice—and that their choice is you. This is the measurement of customer satisfaction. Over the years, from its humble beginnings to date, it has gained customer loyalty and is continuously growing in market through the help of constant product development. Figure 1 SOURCE: Philippine Star, Lifestyle Section, 2010. Figure 2 SOURCE: Philippine Star, Lifestyle Section, 2010. Works cited Asher, L. (2009). Marketing scoop. Media Advertising. 18 May, 2010. http://www. marketingscoop. com/media-advertising. htm

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