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Factors That Made Europeans Explore and Conquer the Americas

There were various reasons why Europeans left their land to colonize the Americas. Some of the factors included overpopulation, limited resources, high land rates and religious upheavals and warfare in their motherland. The persecution of puritans by the Church of England led them to see the new colonies as safe havens. The puritans saw potential for religious expansion due to the religious tolerance in the Americas (Kennedy 2006). Some other factors that attracted them to America were adventurous spirit and search for change. In the Americas there was enough land fro the settlers to occupy.

There was also potential for business. The infrastructure that had been put into place by the natives of the land before the conquerors from Europe came in also influenced the entrance of the Europeans. Some of these infrastructures were pathways, space left aside for hunting and farming which ensured the colonists got sustenance to survive on in the first days of their entrance. Natural resources sources were readily identified by the natives so the settlers were saved the trouble of searching for the precious resources at the first time (Kennedy, 2006).

The promise of gold in the new colonies was also alluring to the Europeans and the inhabitants of America who were perceived as weak were seen as a rich source of slaves. Many poor people in Europe were under pressure from the rich who were of the opinion that the poor were supposed to be expelled from the land. When the chance to move to America came, they took it. These were among the reasons that made Europeans move from their land to new and in America despite the risks that faced them in the way. Works Cited Kennedy, David. The American Pageant; Volume One (13th Edition) Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. , 2006

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