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Family Problems

The changing social structures are by themselves compliments that ignite various problems within the family setup. The family structures have undergone through spontaneous processes that have yielded various conflicts within the family setting. The next question that one would ask is “does the family problems cause any significant implication to the cohesion of its members? ” In the interview that I conducted across a sample of family members, various problems seemed to be of commonality across the board.

These include, divorce, infidelity, single parenthood, various diseases and ailments that cause different problems to the family members, drug use and abuse, financial problems and their related implications and other various problems. These problems have ideally been influential in causing structural changes in the family set ups to capture the social strength that are required as adaptations to these problems (Jennifer, 2005)

By and large, family fragmentation of the social fabric that unites its members has been eroded resulting into aspects of conflict between the different members and structures of the family. Various sociological theories have been founded to explain the benchmarks and the variables that define the status of the family both in states of harmony and conflicts (Eugene, 1999) The relative framework in the strength of the contemporary society founded on legacies of a strong family etiquette is also seen to go underway in disintegrating the parameters that define the strength of the general society.

The resulting cases of family problems have consequently fueled in the aspects that are enticed towards struggle for the most optimal benefits within the family setup. Rationally therefore, key problems within the family have resulted into the foundations of decay and conflict of the immediate family structures which consequently expounds to affect the wider community founded on strong family orientations.

Seldom therefore, it is an implicit valuation that we can argue of the changing outlay of the family that is bound on the perimeters of increasing family chaos and problems (Robertson, 2007) Reference Eugene, M (1999) Social Problems and the Family. New York, Prentice Jennifer, K (2005) What is Family. London, Routledge Robertson, M (2007) The State of the Family in a Changing Society. New York, Prentice Hall.

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