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Fashion Institute of Technology

As a student currently taking classes at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), I have come to develop a deeper understanding of the passion that I have always had for fashion design and the clothing industry in general. Having spent my childhood in an area where fashion was not given the place of importance that it currently holds in the United States, interest in fashion had been initially suppressed to the point that I was forced to cultivate my appreciation for the discipline in a more internal manner.

Yet, even throughout this time, my creativity was quietly growing. Upon moving to America at the age of 14 and becoming acclimated to the saturation of fashion in the media and within the wider society, I have since come not only to absorb the ideas that filtrate to individuals, but also to develop a deeper and wider sense of creativity. My teenage years have been filled with studying the work of the most creative and innovative minds within the fashion industry.

Such designers like Oscar De La Renta and John Galliano have inspired me through their artistic expression and the depth of their understanding of the methods of applying fashion to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. The work of these designers astounds, challenges and motivates me, as I continually study their interpretations of color, shape, texture, patterns and fabric. Their application of these aspects of fashion to the curves and angles of the human body is coupled with a deep understanding of functionality that I find very intriguing.

These persons have become trend setters because they continue to push the envelope of style in order to remain on the cutting edge of fashion. My current work at FIT has exposed me to the world of difference that exists between the lead and technical designers. The education I am currently receiving has made me more conscious of all the variables that contribute to the workings of the apparel industry. The importance of technical designers at the brand level for the purposes of maintaining such standards as brand quality and fit continuity has also increased my understanding of the wider aspects of marketing within the industry.

It has also introduced me to the areas toward which I find that my talent and interests gear me. I have occupied myself in the recent years with designing countless articles of clothing and even with internships and jobs that have exposed me to the inner workings of the fashion industry. My intentions, in applying to the Fashion Institute of Technology, are to hone the skills that I have been accumulating over the years as well as develop a deeper understanding of the theories that drive the fashion industry machine. The areas in which I excel are in designing and also fabric making.

My ambitions extend toward the creation of my own label that would put out trendy, ready-to-wear fashion for women of all ages. I understand that this kind of an endeavor entails a deep understanding of women on a psychological as well as an anatomical level, and the kind of dedication to study that is necessary to gain this knowledge is precisely the attitude I bring to your university. Plus, the current understanding I have gained of fabrics and designing leaves me in no doubt of the benefit that would accrue me by becoming a student at your institution.

Fashion Institute of Technology’s reputation is surpassed by no other institution, and I would enjoy the opportunity of learning from the instructors that have imparted so much to many of the most influential fashion designers in the industry. Furthermore, with the gathering of some of the most brilliant and creative minds represented within the student body and faculty, the atmosphere of creativity that is fostered at this institution is one that is likely to propel me toward greater levels of creativity. Such a prospect is likely to provide an immeasurable benefit both to the institution and to me.

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