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Fashion Merchandising and Design

Some people are aware of the styles that are suitable to them. However, there are those who are not aware of the fashion disaster that they are committing. There are several body shapes of person, however, this paper would focus on the rectangular body shape. This paper shows the do’s and don’ts for a rectangular body shape person. Body Shapes and Fashion It is important for a person to understand his or her own shape so that he or she would be able to determine what type of apparel is flattering for their figure.

A typical body shape is that of an hour glass figure wherein symmetry of the chest and hips is emphasized. (shapeyourstyle. com, 2007) There are several existing body shapes , however, the featured shape for this research is the Rectangular Body Shape. I. The Rectangular Body Shape According to Carreer Clothing (2007), the rectangular shape can be described as a straight shape where the chest, waist and hips. Since the sizes of the chest and hips are similar then the aim of a fashion designer for rectangular body shapes is to create the appearance of a curvier waist and bottom.

Fashion Style of Rectangular Body Shapes The styles that would help flatter a rectangular shaped body would be the styles with trim at the center front. This would help emphasize the curves of the chest, full waisted apparel with formal lines would also help in emphasizing the curves in the hips. On the other hand, rectangular shaped bodies must avoid wearing tubular silhouettes and clingy styles because these types of dresses are straight and since the shape of the body is already straight it would not give any curvy appearance to the parts of the body that the wearer or stylist would want to emphasize.

Tops that are fitted and going in to the waist would help emphasize the chest and look for pants and skirts that hug and lift the bottom. Smaller back pockets that are wide at the back will make the bottom full.

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