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Genericville mosquito population

In considering the use of Malathion in exterminating a large portion of the Genericville mosquito population during the summer months, it is important to have a clear overview of the safety of using this pesticide, both in regard to human beings as well as the overall environment. In looking to the known facts about Malathion use, it is still unclear whether or not human beings, animals, and plants would be negatively affected by applying and spraying Malathion throughout the city.

In making a good judgment about whether or not to introduce Malathion into the community, it is essential to have all of the known facts regarding the pesticide’s effect on people and their environment. Because the environment is tied to the economic security of the town, it would be irrational to ignore potential detriments to the health of the local ecosystem. Also, in making accurate projections about the effects of Malathion use, it is good to have a reasonable evaluation about whether or not all people in the town would actually participate in pesticide safety measures.

The health of the people, animals, plants, and ecosystem in general must be protected by the smartest security measures. In wanting to implement the best possible program, it is clear that Malathion use is not recommended at this time. There are certain facts surrounding the presence of the West Nile virus in Genericville which contribute to the community alarm regarding the threat of the virus to public health, and it is good to have a detailed overview of the effect of the virus upon the community.

In 2006, there were 4,300 cases of West Nile virus in the United States, resulting in 200 fatalities, which means that in a wetland area with the population of Genericville, there is a projection of 50 cases this year, including 2 fatalities, equally affecting the rich and poor communities. With the introduction of Malathion into the community, there would be a reduction in the amount of infections from 50 to five people, however, there would also be an increase of human and ecosystem exposure to toxins.

Although Malathion degrades rapidly to harmless materials, the effect of the harmful materials during the time when the toxins are actively moving throughout the environment is not completely known. A collection of complete facts regarding every effect of Malathion upon the life of the ecosystem and food chain must be known before use of this pesticide can be intelligently promoted.

Proponents of the introduction of Malathion into the public health regimen of the community declare that human environmental exposure to Malathion can be completely avoided after the implementation of the educational program. They content that that the ground and air applications can be avoiding by the entire community, and that no one would be at risk for coming into contact with the toxins during the short period of time when they are active.

Although this sounds good, it does not seem realistic. There is always the chance that some people will not be educated properly, namely the poor and uneducated community population. Although the idea of an education program is good, there is no sure way to protect all citizens from the toxic effects of Malathion, and there is definitely no way to protect all living organisms in the sensitive ecosystem, the thousands of other species which inhabit the same town and wildlife area.

Although opponents contend that the risk of exposure to West Nile is actually higher, with 90 predicted cases and four deaths, opponents of the use of Malathion encourage that the offered money be spent on educational programs to help people reduce their exposure to mosquitoes naturally, and they assert that many people, especially the poor and uneducated, would be not be able to avoid exposure to the harmful Malathion toxins which are introduced into the ecosystem during ground application and aerial spraying.

In addition to the danger posed to human beings, opponents assert that the killing of mosquitoes would disrupt the food chain and kill of the predators of mosquitoes, sending a ripple effect of death throughout the environment. With the possible reduction of predators, the mosquito population could even be encouraged to repopulate at a greater rate. Without specific facts pointing to known details about how Malathion affects the health of human, plant, and animal members of the ecosystem, it makes no sense to introduce Malathion into the community.

Although tourists might be deterred from Genericville by the presence of many mosquitoes, the most rational solution is not to begin introducing poisons into the environment, because the presence of Malathion may actually be a greater hazard, injuring the local wildlife as well as tourists. When considering one’s own personal health, it is good to be able to make informed decisions based on sound and complete data. At this time, there is simply not enough information collected which aids in the ability to make an informed decision about Malathion use.

The people who live in this community as well as the people who visit Genericville may be best protected by natural education programs which help them to avoid dangerous mosquito times and places. As a member of the city council, it is the best interest of the community to side with the opponents in a banning of the use of Malathion in Genericville. A comprehensive education program promoting natural ways to avoid mosquitoes would be a healthy alternative to introducing toxins into the community and environment which have not been thoroughly researched.

The only reasonable solution to await more informed data about the effects of Malathion on public and environmental health and to support community activity in the focused attempt to increase life quality and protect humans, plants, and animals from harm. It is a priority of this council to remain informed about the potential dangers of West Nile virus as well as Malathion, so that good decisions can be made in the effort to best secure the health of the community and ecosystem through the intelligence of thorough modern research.

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