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Silent Spring

Book authors have their own unique way of making the readers feel interested in the ideas being presented. This is due to the fact that authors have their own unique signature ideas and presentation styles to impress the readers. Majority of them capitalize on a dominant socio-cultural and environmental condition that is standing mightily in front of our everyday lives yet very few notices it despite the fact that it affects almost everyone. We are too busy oftentimes to give a few moments on the issue that normally confronts us and simply ignore the fact.

One strategy that writers implement is to create an attention catching title which normally runs opposite the normal. One such book is Silent Spring. It can be hypothesized that something astounding in the book will confront the reader just by analyzing the way the title of the book was presented. Normally, spring is a noisy part of the year. The birds sing, the flower bloom, the green grass start sprouting from their dormancy during the winter and the fish in the streams and brook normally jump out of the water full of joy. But why there is

silence in the spring? This paper aims to analyze the content of the book and the reason for being silent during an anticipated normally lively and full of life spring. The Silent Spring The book was written in circa 1962 by a marine biologist named Rachel Carlson. The plot of the story was so common, yet, only the observant and nature- loving will notice it. A friend of the author wrote a letter telling that there seems to be no more birds singing in the neighborhood and many of them were seen dying as a result of aerial spraying being done against mosquitoes.

It happen at a time that the author has started investigating it and has come to the conclusion that there is a poisoning of the air, rivers, soil, sea and lake which render the fish, soil organisms and fish dead and sickly. The poisoning is being done by man himself in an effort to offer quick solution to malaria sickness whose vector are the mosquitoes. Circa 1960’s marked the development and release into the market of new pesticides for agriculture notably DDT which actually is parallel to industrial revolution. There is a

need to feed lots of people who immigrated to the US to work and find livelihood for their families. There is a need to produce more food per unit area, otherwise, famine will set in. The message of the 2 book is simple. Man in his effort to heal the pest problems to produce more food and prevent diseases in the process is irreversibly poisoning the environment. The heed to manage pesticide use from a biologist and being a female at that, came as an insult to scientists and chemical producers. A female biologist is regarded as an inferior scientist during that time and therefore does not authorize her to air

the claims of environmental poisoning which may bring undue suffering to society in terms of increased sickness if insect vector is not killed. Due to the presentation style implemented by the author which involved balanced reporting of cause and effect as if using a scientific method to prove something, the explosive content of the book served as an eye opener for the need to protect the environment and became the basis of environmental conservation and care activism which pervades up to the present time.

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