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Over Fishing

There are three modes of reproduction in which fishes reproduce this are heterosexual, parthenogenetic and hermaphroditic. In heterosexual mode of reproduction which is common to most fishes there are two parents male and female wherein the female is capable of storing the egg cells up to 8 to 10 months. In contrast, hermaphroditic reproduction is rare and only a single fish carries the female and male gender therefore can produce both egg and sperm cell and mate with other hermaphroditic fishes.

In addition, parthenogenetic reproduction in which the unfertilized eggs develops into embryo this happen only in one type of fish species namely Poecilia Formosa of the Amazon River. Fishes that reproduce gradually are expected to produce fewer offspring. Fish like skipjack tuna only spawn in summer while Pacific Angel sharks which are found in the cold waters of North and South America like other sharks reproduce slowly. Another kind of fish that sluggishly reproduce is Lake Sturgeon it averagely spawns once in every four years.

The orange roughly (Hoplostethus atlanticus) or commonly called the slimehead are slow growing and is known to be one of the longest lived animals that with an utmost age of 149 years. There are several methods people use in fishing. The beam trawl method wherein a beam was used to open the mouth of the net and the beam is being mount in both end of the guide so as to travel down the seabed. Another one is thru the use of a drift nets or mobile net typically used on high seas to capture variety of fishes like tuna, squid and shark.

The oldest form of fishing is the utilization of gill nets in which nets are situated at or under the surface of the seabed. These catches the fish that swims all the way through the net and depends on the size of fish that gets into the net usually it catches large fishes that entwined their gills as it attempts to back out of the net. Reference Fish Reproduction. April 26, 2009 Retrieved from http://www. lookd. com/fish/reproduction. html (PDF) Lesson 3: Fish Life Cycle.

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