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George Washington- The First President Of The United States

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, at Westmoreland in Virginia. His father was died when he was a school going child, at the age of 11 years (Edwin, 1910). His father’s unexpected death badly affected his schooling. Even though he has not got good education at school or college level, he has become an expert in the fields and came to be known as woodsman, surveyor and mapmaker. Regarding his physique, he was a tall man having a height of more than 6 feet. He was from an average family; after little bit schooling he joined military services with the help of his brother.

After some years of experience at military, he was promoted to frontier defenses during the period of French and Indian war. In his new position, he performed very well at the time of war. He had a drive and determination for getting his life satisfied and to be known as a respectable person. He married Martha Custis in 1759, who was a rich widow who having two kids from her previous marriage. George Washington and Martha did not have children from their marriage (Facts on File, 1933).

In 1758, he joined politics and he was elected to the House of Burgesses in Virginia. It was a local government body in Virginia. In 1775 he was chosen as the commander in the chief of the colonial army. He performed well as a commander and he used all his intelligence and fruitful effort to become a sincere army of the state. George Washington was a good planner due to his brilliant planning and also some aids from the French late in the war, the French were defeated in 1781 many obstacles in the battle field. However, in 1781 America became an independent country.

In 1789 Washington became the President of America. During his presidency, The Bills of Rights was adopted. It guarantees the people of America, because of which and many other popular initiatives, he was called as the Father of his country. He was a freedom fighter and struggled so many years for getting freedom for the state. He succeeded in the war that later on made him a tremendously popular figure in America. Once his period was over, he retired from his vocation and came back to his farm at Mount Vernon in 1783.

He worked for the nation to build a viable and peaceful military structure and to remove the federalized military structure. He argued that a government is needed for effective performance of the nation . He utilized all his power as a president as well as a common man to uplift the nation and to offer adequate services to the citizens of the country. He helped to translate the new constitution in to a workable force of the country. His main intention was to serve the as a well recognized one.

An energetic and enthusiastic executive branch was designed, with powerful executive departments – State, Treasury, and War getting into an American Cabinet; the Federal judiciary was announced and he changed all the old revolutionary method of serving the country and forming the new taxation policy of the country and congressional taxing power was utilized to pay the Revolutionary War debt and to establish American credit at home and abroad for developing the nation as a whole. His second term was dominated by foreign policy considerations. In 1793 the French revolution was a central issue in American politics.

He was attempted to maintain a peace in the country. In 1794, the Washington organization had to congregate the risk of domestic aggression in western Pennsylvania because of administration of peace in the country as a whole. He had a reaction against the first Federal excise tax laws presented a direct challenge to the power of the Federal government and he managed in some extent to reduce reaction. Washington’s 8 years of administration is still exciting in the country as a whole. He worked a lot for the nation and for the people of America. It is demonstrated that complete consistent power with genius of republican government.

His first inaugural function he addressed that “the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered, perhaps, as deeply, as finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people”( National Association of Letter Carriers, 1920) He opined that military and a political leaders are of his realization that in a republic the executive, like all other elected representatives, would have to measure his talent and intention towards public acts against the temper of public opinion of the country and it may be vary to one political party to another.

Washington proved an able administrator for the nation by his conduct and behavior among the people of America. As an outstanding delegator and moderator of capacity and quality, he held usual cabinet meetings to discuss issues prior to making a final decision. When he was taking the decision it should be acceptable and conveying to all cabinet members, so it was not a personal opinion or interest but it was the opinion of citizens of America.

In handling routine tasks, he was thinking broadly systematic, orderly, energetic, solicitous of the opinion of others but decisive, intent upon general goals and specific task which should be attainable within the period in which they prescribed and the consistency of particular decisions with the public. Even though he was a president of America he was not a member of any political party. He had bold plans that establish a national credit and build a financially full-fledged nation. He designed to normalize the trade relation between Britain and remove from corruption and keep away from financial debt of the nation.

His ultimate aim was to uplift a nation from an uncivilized to civilized one. BIBLIOGRAPHY Edwin Anderson Alderman, Joel Chandler Harris, Charles William Kent, Charles Alphonso Smith, Lucian Lamar Knight, John Calvin Metcalf, Library of Southern Literature: Compiled Under the Direct Supervision of Southern Men of Letters (Martin and Hoyt Company, 1910) Facts on File, Inc, The World almanac & book of facts (Newspaper Enterprise Association, 1933) National Association of Letter Carriers (U. S. ), The Postal Record (National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL-CIO), 1920)

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