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What qualities in George Washington made him a good choice for commanding the Revolutionary army?

For his great service to the nation both during the Revolutionary War and in the period of the early Republic, he has been called “The Father of his Country. ” Although a wealthy aristocrat who might have been expected to side with the Loyalists at the time of the American Revolution, Washington was among the first to protest British colonial policy.

During the Revolutionary War, he displayed great military skill as commander of the hastily trained and poorly equipped Continental Army, leading his troops to victory over a stronger. Washington’s strategy for the war, necessitated by the constant lack of supplies, well-trained troops, and experienced officers, was to continually harass the British while avoiding major confrontations if possible.

Because of persistence, independence virtually has been won, for the American victory at Yorktown put an end to major offensive efforts by the British. However, it took nearly two years for a peace treaty to be signed. During this period, Washington kept the army in control despite discontent caused by the failure of Congress to provide adequate compensation and some suggestions that the military seize the government and make Washington king.

In addition, during his time, I supposed no other else have made a better overall commander than George Washington because he was the only one who showed sincerity to his country as an aristocrat and strongly opposed British colonialism. Although his troop was outnumbered yet he was smart enough to win the war because of his offensive attacks against the colonizer. Reference: Bruns, Roger (2006). George Washington (Chelsea House)

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