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Getting Along with People of Diverse Backgrounds

We live in diverse nations made up of many different cultures, languages, races, and backgrounds. This diversity can make all our lives a lot more fun and interesting when we understand how to get along with each other. This will be initiated by the respect we have for each other which can be enhanced by trying to learn something from other people of diverse backgrounds and culture, showing interests and appreciation to these different cultures and backgrounds, avoiding prejudices and racist attitudes and avoiding stereotyping people (Joeheart, 2009). In fact treating people with respect makes your world a better place to live in.

It starts by treating people the way you would like them treat you, which would include ceasing from insulting people or making fun of them, listening to others when they speak, valuing other people’s opinions, being considerate of people’s likes and dislikes, avoiding mocking people or teasing them, being sensitive to other people’s feelings and avoiding talking about other people behind their backs (Hughes-Consulting, 2008). According to Hughes-Consulting (2008), the workplace brings together people of many different backgrounds, ages, talents and skills. They all have different values, expectations and approaches to work.

Getting along at work is often a matter of being flexible and willing to compromise. It also involves being tolerant of individual differences and use of effective communication. This is very vital as it curtails misunderstandings before they occur and encourages people to respect one another and appreciate each others talents and strengths they each bring to the organization. Effective communication Effective communication improves all relationships. Quite a lot of misunderstandings can be prevented by the creation of a good and effective communication channel through which frequent communication will be encouraged.

This will involve prompt response to people’s queries and opinions. As such, it is vital to clear all matters before the end of the day, do not leave people hanging but take every effort to clarify your message. In effective communication, it is also necessary to be a good listener. This will involve giving your full attention to the person talking to you, leaving everything else, making eye contact and asking for clarifications where necessary. It is also vital to discuss important issues face to face rather than via email or voice mail.

These matters should be given appropriate time (Hughes-Consulting, 2008). Resolving Conflicts Getting along with others involves resolving conflicts to a very high extent. When a misunderstanding arises between you and another person, whether of the same cultural background or different, it is usually best to deal with it as soon as possible so as to keep it from turning into an even bigger problem. It is better to talk to the person who upsets you rather than complaining to others since talking behind someone’s back will always make the situation worse.

In resolving conflicts, it is vital to use a neutral language which will not be such accusatory as to put the other person on the defensive. Get to the root of the problem as you may work together to look for solutions to the problem. When a conflict persists, it is advisable to seek help mostly from a person that you trust and who is familiar with the situation. You can also consult a professional such as a counselor or human resource personnel in the case of conflict with an employee (Hughes-Consulting, 2008). Joeheart (2009) lists some ways in which people can get along with one another.

He is of the opinion that people need to ask questions about a person or situation in order to understand or to gain more insight about a person of diverse background. Avoiding prejudging others and their situation can also help one get along with others. It will mean that one does not form a bad opinion of another just because you had a bad experience with that nationality in the past. Different people will do different things and respond differently to various responses. It is also vital to take somebody by his character.

This means taking them by what kind of person they are, whether they are fun, nice, and easy to get along with. Accept people for their good qualities and not by how they look or dress. References Hughes-Consulting, (2008). Working Productively: Getting Along with Employees and Coworkers. Retrieved 13 May 2010 from, http://www. hughes-consulting. org/Getting%20Along%20with%20Others. pdf Joeheart, B. (2009, September 7). Getting Along With People of Diverse Backgrounds. Retrieved 13 May 2010, from http://ezinearticles. com/? Getting-Along-With-People-of-Diverse-Backgrounds&id=2875565

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