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Good communicatio

Good communication is the key to a better understanding in any given organization. In an online setting, one has to ensure that his or her message would be received by the recipient without any miscommunication. In this setting, the teacher has to make sure that his moral ascendancy over the student is intact. As a result, the teacher has to use words that would allow the student to keep in mind that even if the environment is informal, the teacher is still the person in authority. The teacher in return should not abuse his or her authority.

The teacher should always use words that are appropriate and respectful even if he or she wants to make a strong point. The teacher should be professional at all times by avoiding words that would tend to degrade a student. The teacher must be sincere with his or her communication through the proper choice of words. The teacher should be able to reflect the concern and sincerity that he or she has towards his student. If the teacher wants to discipline the student, he or she can do so without using harsh words or without the need to shout at the latter.

The teacher should be able to maintain his composure when speaking online and should not take advantage of the fact that there is no face to face interaction. The inability to personally communicate should not be used as a means to overstep the boundaries of professionalism in an online environment. (How is Online Communication Different? ) A student should also know his or her limitations. As such, if a student becomes sarcastic and harsh, the teacher should immediately call his attention.

The teacher should coach the student through the use of a private chat room to let the latter know what mistakes he or she has committed. The teacher should not let the bad behavior to carry on. The teacher should not only be concerned with the academic aspect of a student’s life but in the totality of his personality as an individual. – Reference: How is Online Communication Different? November 24, 2003. Retrieved on May 27, 2009 from website http://mentalhealth. about. com/cs/computerstuff/a/onlinecom. htm.

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