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Observation Reports

Did the teacher engage and support all students in learning? If so how? Yes, the teacher used intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the learning process. The teacher conducted classroom activities which makes the students appreciate the value of the activities. In math, the lesson is all about fraction, the teacher guided the students and coached them as they do mathematical games and activities. While in language arts, students read literature, discuss it and the teacher let the students write about it in response if they really understand what they are reading about.

The teacher thought the students step by step until the students learn to acquire the skill. 2. Describe how the classroom environment supports student learning (climate, standards for behavior, procedures and use of instructional time). Important factor of the learning process is to make sure that the environment is conducive for learning. In the 5th grade classroom I have observed that the teacher created positive social interaction, self-motivation and functional arrangement learning environment.

The teacher was able to facilitate smooth and meaningful transitions, she planned and performed instruction based on instruction of content and curriculum, students learning atmosphere and assessment. 3. How did the teacher use materials and instructional strategies to ensure all students learn? The teacher uses appropriate materials, resources and technology to manage the learning process of the specific subject area. For math, visual aids and a multimedia instructional materials like film showing.

The teacher itself was the best instructional model in the language arts, she make sure that every students in the classroom understand what they are reading and was able to appreciate its value. 4. What strategies/techniques did the teacher utilize in the lesson to ensure all the students achieve academic success? Strategies and teaching techniques plays a great role in the students learning processes. For the math lesson, the teacher use games as the teaching strategy, they do the fraction games.

With the game, it helps the learner visualize what is meant by equivalence of fractions. In language arts lesson, the teacher used shared writing strategy. The teacher and the learners draft text together, give and share thoughts and ideas and the teacher take down or write the text as it is composed. And brainstorming comes in, on what the story is really all about. In this strategy, every students will have a participation and able to engage in and have focus on the particular lesson.

And also reinforces and help reading and writing skills. At the end of the lesson, the teacher makes sure that all students achieve academic success. 5. What forms of assessment are used and for what purpose? Assessment evaluates the students’ outcome, if they have understood the lesson well. The purpose of assessment is to raise learner’s achievement, monitor and record its results for the assigning of students grades. This also tells if the teaching strategy used by the teacher is effective to students or needs an improvement.

At the 5th grade class, after the discussion, the teacher used the informal assessment, evaluating how far the students understand the day’s lesson. In language arts lesson, the teachers evaluate the students through short sentences writing, while in math oral exams through drill cards, where the teacher present a picture of a fraction and the students will identify what fraction it was. References Designing Effective and Innovative Courses. http://serc. carleton. edu/NAGTWorkshops/ coursedesign/tutorial/strategies. html

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