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Views on Tim Bedley’s Lesson Observation

Tim Bedley’s Lesson Observation is a clear presentation on how to effectively educate students on the need for developing self-motivation in their learning processes. Not only has it emphasized the advantages of having students groomed for active participation in the learning exchange, but more importantly, it has displayed a model environment that is truly possessing of the characteristics that will maximize learning, as his principles had allowed for students to develop and practice their critical thinking.

Several emphases such as promoting social development and group responsibility; facilitating learning experiences that promote autonomy, interaction, and choice; and establishing a climate that promotes fairness and respect, are truly the measures of standards that every educator must aspire to uphold. In Tim Bedley’s Lesson Observation, we have witnessed how he was able to inspire all of his 32 students into being active participants in the lesson.

Here, it is worth noting that the teacher’s instructions were very minimal, in that he allowed himself to be focused on a single responsibility—that of supervising the generalities of the course, and let the students formulate their own system of educational methodology, including the system to be used for reward and punishment. It was evident from the film that this method of teaching proved to be highly effective, as it has totally avoided the tendencies of some students to be less concerned with the lesson being taught.

Likewise, his method seemed to have successfully promoted a liberal-leaning, democratic style of education, where a free exchange of information, perceptions, and ideas are being encouraged in order to equip the students with the skills necessary for in-depth analysis and critical thinking. In particular, Mr. Bedley’s preference for hand gestures to be developed by the students when trying to emphasize a point further enhances the students’ self confidence on their assessment on the importance of their own contributions during class discussions.

Synthesis It certainly would be wise to consider Mr. Bedley’s techniques as a source in my quest to formulate my own style of educational technique. Primarily, these should incorporate Mr. Bedley’s strong points and amalgamate or synthesize them with my own inherent strong suit. Also, the liberal style exhibiting free exchange of ideas between co-students and their teacher, I am most certain, will be most beneficial, especially in instilling in them the essential disciplines required to maximize their learning.

This stems from my belief that a truly educationally-conducive environment should be void of any form of pressures, most specifically those resulting from the student’s need to excel solely for the sake of earning high marks. In the same manner, an optimal environ for the learning process should be possessive of the characteristics where the lines that separate a teacher from the students are lessened. This would entail a deliberate attempt to veer away from the customary method of the old ways where a teacher possesses absolute authority over his students.

An optimal education should ultimately be based on the benefits that are to be gained from all the knowledge that are presented during a given course and the practicality of the said knowledge in the real world. As Math is a subject that possesses the character to transcend the boundaries of classrooms and influence the person in his everyday living, this subject should be taught in the most effective and optimal manner possible. The advantages in mastering Math in such an early age and its practicality will most certainly be reflected in other subjects on higher sciences, as their principles are founded on the essentials of Mathematics.

Tim Bedley, very evidently, has succeeded in equipping his students not only with the necessary skills in Math, but more importantly with the correct attitude or outlook that a student ought to have in being successful in their academic endeavors. However, despite the excellence of the principles that Mr. Bedley has introduced, I believe that its effectiveness is dependent on the circumstances surrounding the course and the age group being instructed. Meaning, what may be optimal for Math and in that particular grade level being taught by Mr.

Bedley may not prove to be as efficient in other fields of the educational curriculum and with students of more mature backgrounds. It would be wise then to carefully choose from Mr. Medley’s educational methodology and suit them in accordance with a particular age/society group that a teacher is confronted with. Based on my own inherent skills and with the age group that I intend on focusing, my aspiration is to be able to assimilate the best of Mr. Bedley’s techniques and reassess them to suit my own.

First in the list would be to incorporate in my own class the freedom and free exchange of ideas that he was able to achieve. This would be done in a similar manner, wherein the students themselves would be responsible for the formulation of ways to arrive at the desired conclusion—gaining an understanding on the assigned discussion. Likewise, I will uphold the principles, within my class, of autonomy, social development, self-directedness, reflective learning, and the likes, that had been proven to greatly enhance and hasten the process of learning. Conclusion

Tim Bedley’s Lesson Observation has effectively presented what many educators have long been aspiring: for educators to have an understanding on what it takes for students to learn of the principles necessary for a self-directed and self-driven method of learning. The topics discussed in this film can most certainly assist aspiring educators in making self evaluations on what his intended method of approach would consist. These are undeniably good pointers for my future teaching profession, as I have found a living proof that the very method I have been planning of implementing is indeed workable, if not effective.

Most importantly, Tim Bedley has proven that the totalitarianism approach very common in the old system of education must soon give way to a new, dynamic, and a more democratic method where students are empowered into charting the course of the academic discussions. Reference Bedley, T. (2008, August 29). Lesson Observation: Tim Bedley. YouTube. com. Retrieved February 10, 2010, from <http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=R0TKHJEhdOM&NR=1>

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