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Observation Report

Site Visit Information: Secondary School was chosen because as we know nowadays, teenage students are very competitive. This is also to know how they behave and learn inside their classroom. Site Visit : Secondary school near city area. Site Visit Discussion Report: Part 1: Just before I enter the school.. a. What are my thoughts and feelings? As I am heading to the school where I chose to be my subject in this report, I am thinking of having a very good observation and very nice outcome for this report.

I know I will be able to have fun, to mingle and get along with students as I am doing my observation with them. I can feel that this will come out perfectly as ideal for studies and research, in regards with student’s behavior. I know that I will be able to make a very good comparison in every aspect I may be taking in this study. b. What are my predictions on what I will find when I look around?

Just like a typical school, when I will be looking around, I will be expecting that I can see numbers of classrooms with attentive students inside; teacher’s offices; big library with plenty of good books for student’s resources; big field for their sports; resource center for recreational activities; clean and green school with trees, plants and flowers; an environment that is conducive for learning. Part 2. In the school.. a. What are my thoughts and feelings? The moment I entered the school, I thought I was in a world of learning.

Upon seeing the students, I can feel that they are very smart, studious with a very high general knowledge. I can feel that this school also offers quality education as my school does. b. How is this school similar to the school I attended? To inline this school to the school where I spent my high school years, they actually have some similarities. To mention, the population of the students and the environment; the way the school maintained cleanliness, security and disciplined their students. Another, I can see that this school is a place conducive for learning, just like my Alma Matter.

Mostly, the way school maintained their standards, and quality of education. c. How is this school different from the school I attended? This school is actually not much very far compared from the school where I came from. It just so happened that most of the teachers here are males. Physically comparing, the school where I came from is a bit bigger compared to this school and also a bit expensive. But it’s not the expenses or amount that counts, it’s the quality of education that a school can offer and give. Part III. Now that I have spent some time looking around.. a.

What do I expect of a good teacher of this school? Is this expectation different from what I would normally expect? If so, how and why? In considering a teacher as a good teacher, the qualifications should be standard. Giving these few standard qualifications of a good teacher, he/she should be very knowledgeable with the subject course. With this, the lesson should be delivered in the best and effective way a teacher can. Another, a teacher should be able to interact with the students, appreciate student’s strengths and achievements, while on the other way, giving encouragement to their weaknesses.

Prior to starting the class, a teacher must set and present goals and objectives to the class, from where, they all will focus to it. At the end of the discussion, they should be able to meet those goals and objectives they have. So I am expecting that a good teacher in this school should have these qualifications/attitudes, in which I think not far from what I would normally expect. b. What do I expect for a teacher having problems? Is this expectation different from what I would normally expect? If so, how and why?

As a professional teacher, he/she must be able to know how to handle problems, especially if his/her problem has nothing to do with his work. I expect for a teacher with problems, will not let his problems affect his work and his profession. This expectation is quite different in some ways that I normally expect. Some teachers do not know how to deal with their problem or their feelings. They sometimes pour their feelings to their students. Let say if they are mad, they scold their students, in which not a good attitude and may consider as displaced aggression.

And this makes a negative outcome to their work and to their methods and ways of teaching. c. How do the classroom set up differ from what I expect? A typical classroom set up is usually a teacher speaking in front of the class, while the students are quietly listening, which also somehow happens to be one of my expectations. One thing that differs from my expectation is that, I never expect that the teacher in this class is very knowledgeable upon discussing the lesson, keeping the students alive and active in class participation.

Questions are allowed to be raised during discussion also each student’s ideas are shared and accepted. To sum up, there was a very active and alive class interaction. d. What do I expect of a well-disciplined student at this school? Is this expectation different from what I would normally expect of a well-disciplined student? If so, how and why? Since this school’s one primary concern is their student’s values and education, I am expecting that they will have a well-disciplined students.

A well-disciplined student in this school is a student with: concern with his/her studies; respect to other students, teachers and his Alma Matter; duly complying his/her duties as an enrolled student in this school; and behaving with proper decorum. These expectations are not far from what I would normally expect of a well-disciplined student. Because a well-disciplined student should basically have these mentioned characteristic. e. What do I expect a teacher to do if a student does not behave appropriately in this school?

Is this expectation different from what I would normally expect? If so, how and why? Normally if a student misbehaves, a teacher will usually give punishment as a sanction to his actions, which also happens to be my expectations for a teacher in this school to do. Sometimes, a teacher is also giving verbal warning t a student, so the student will also be aware the he or she is misbehaving. f. What are my other thoughts about the classroom setup, classroom management, and teaching techniques and strategies used by the teacher?

The classroom setup and classroom management was actually good. It’s just like a normal class interaction inside the classroom. The teacher presented the lesson using modern techniques from where he was able to get their attention. Depending on the kind of topic that will be discuss. I can also see that the teacher is keeping a very good rapport towards his students, in which will be easier for a teacher to communicate with students having problems. The class is like a small organization from where they all work together to achieve common goals.

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