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How to End a Relationship?

People often question how? How can I tell her/him it is already over? I am afraid to hurt her, I am afraid that he/she might not be able to accept it. Common cliches and excuses we hear everyday from those individuals who aren’t happy with their lover anymore. What one needs to do is talk with his/he partner. Communication is the most important thing to prevent further damages especially in the emotional aspect of the person. Tell him/her everything you feel, everything that is inside of your heart. Never hide it or wear mask.

It will just keep him/her on expecting that everything is still going fine and good. Set a time, a time when both of you are at peace, emotionally and spiritually. Talk with her in a place that is private, a place free from communication barriers. Communicating our own true feelings is not easy, and does not come naturally so one has to be really prepared. It is a skill that needs to be learned with patience and perseverance. But we communicate meaningfully only when we take the risk of revealing our inner selves, our inner feelings and sharing our real feelings.

Do not directly jump into break up at the beginning of the conversation. First, explain to her that for all the years or time you have been with her was amazing, that you treasured it most. You cherished the memories you shared together. You are happy to see her that very moment. Never throw words that will only keep him/her hanging and expecting that is if you still have a plan of getting back into her in the future. Tell her that there are just things that are uncontrollable, events that are inevitable.

Say that you do not want that your relationship will just cause you to hurt someone if you keep on continuing it well in fact you are no longer happy. You just cannot force yourself to continue something that is out of your will. You are not longer happy with what is going on with your relationship or maybe you still have some things to do, to achieve and to fulfill. Do not end your conversation without letting her comprehend and see things in the aspect that does not give a negative impression about him/ her. Keep the friendship.

Even if you are not couples or lovers already, make a decision to keep the friendship alive between the two of you. May be you two are not just meant to be lovers but just friends. Let you friendship stay and never let it be destroyed by anything. Never leave the place until you patch things up, yes it is impossible to just easily patch things up after a break up but just have a try, no one dies if he/she tries right? OUTLINE: I. Introduction II. Communication III. The Process a. Start of the conversation b. Opening up and Explanation (why? ) c. Patching things up

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