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Inductive Argument (Analogical Argument) Critical Thinking

From time immemorial, the political elite have been responsible for the outbreak of wars by promoting hostilities based on ideological or personal differences. The imperialistic ambitions of leaders like Hitler contributed to the Second World War and the military was and has been used as a political tool to further the aims of the ruling elite.

The armed forces have no say in whether they will go to war or not based on the justification for the outbreak of hostilities; the military code demands they swear undying loyalty to the commander- in- chief who in most cases happens to be a political figure. Thus in theory, the soldiers cannot be blamed for the outbreak of wars and conflicts. However this statement may not be entirely true if one is to critically analyze the Falkland’s War that took place between Argentina, led by a military leader, and the UK.

Research into the possible alternatives to resolve the conflict would have shown that international bodies like the United Nations were better placed to mediate and find a solution to the problem without the recourse to all out conflict. It could be argued that presence of US troops in Iraq and incidents like the attack on armed civilians in Haditha promote hostilities rather bring about peace. Militias in Somalia have caused anarchy in that country and have prevented the restoration of calm and peace there.

Consequently, it is the soldiers’ actions that will determine their culpability for the outbreak of war. As long as they respect those who exercise political power, refrain from military coups and civil war, they can be absolved of any blame. However if they opt to seize power and engage in warlike activities that lead to the outbreak of hostilities in the name of liberating the people, then they are no better than the war mongers who commit hapless troops to fight unnecessary conflicts..

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