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Literal meanings of Mueller’s poem “Monet Refuses the Operation”

Muellor has taken into account the dilemma of renowned French painter who developed cataract. The painter argues with his surgeon about his visibility and is of the view that he suffers from no myopia. He provides his arguments to doctor in order to make him realize that he has no ocular problem and that’s why he does not want to undergo surgery. He says to doctor that if he thinks there are no circles of light around lampposts in Paris and this is just an abnormality caused to his distorted vision, he thinks wrong. It took him ages to arrive at such an imagined view. It is neither an irregularity of his vision nor it is an affliction.

But it is a blessing that he can see angels around lampposts. He provides certain other examples to convince the doctor and says that if doctor will go for surgery, it will not help him. Removing the cataract will would “restore / my youthful errors” that his healthy eyes had. He would them not be able to see the world according to his own imagination but will rely on “fixed notions” of vision. He craves that doctor could be able to visualize what he can. He thus requests doctor not to go for operation. Figurative Meaning of Mueller’s poem “Monet Refuses the Operation”

This poem has various figurative meaning and symbolic connotations. First of all, Monet wants to shows that one should have the ability to look beyond our imaginary world. The images and vision that our healthy eyes provide are disillusions and only make us think according to pre-conceived notions. Speaker rebels against this so-called correct vision and is of the view that vision and reason can not help to access reality. He has vision once but that did not help him to imagine. He was entangled in the fixed notion of illusory physical world. He was able to cast away these fixed ideas of shapes and dimensions.

But now his ocular aberrations have provided him an opportunity to break away with those fixed realities and take a flight of imagination. His artistic viewpoint is non-conformist here as he does not want to see things placed in three dimensions. His disability has offered him an chance to release him from the boundaries of time and space and imagine the things and universe to the extent of his mental capabilities. A person who had enjoyed freedom of imagination and vision to such an extent does not want to revert back to so-called real world. That’s the reason, speaker refuses to go for a surgery.

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