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Mac computer

The objective of Hasham’s presentation was to persuade his audience to buy a Mac computer in preference to a PC and although he was successful in achieving his goal in terms of content and presentation he failed to provide any evidence of where his information came from. This omission left the audience begging the question as to how much of the information provided was based on fact an how much of it was based on Hasham’s personal opinion.

Hasham’s delivery was very good and he seemed very confident, interested and aware of both his objectives and his audience. His eye contact with each and every person in the class was excellent, which helped to raise audience interest and involvement. His hand gestures and facial expressions were good and able to be seen and interpreted easily; his voice was loud enough for everyone to hear and was well pitched with plenty of stress and intonation. His pronunciation was also very articulate and clear, and his lively personality shone through.

The only negative aspects of his delivery was his posture and body movement; he tended to move around a little too much and did not stand straight at times; he also has the habit of repeatedly saying the word ‘and’ perhaps as a means of giving himself more time to think; however, it has an unnerving effect on his listeners. The format of the presentation was clear and included all relevant components in terms of introduction, body, conclusion and connectors.

The introduction was successful in gaining audience attention with his use of a personal anecdote and he clearly outlined the format of his intended talk. The body of his presentation was logical and clearly moved from point to point with good use of connectors, clear , relevant, interesting and useful information but lacked in that no sources of information were cited; the conclusion was strong and linked back to the introduction appropriately. The only negative aspect as already mentioned, was the lack of references, and therefore a lack of credibility and goodwill.

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