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Mac Over PC

The speaker started off his persuasive speech entitled, “Mac Over PC,” by using a question to draw the audience’s attention to his topic. He was positively energized during his speech and maintained eye contact equally among the audience. He also used a good volume that made it possible for everyone in the audience to hear him. He used good articulation although he was too slow. He also could use improvement with standing up straighter. Overall, the speaker’s introduction was very well done. He captured the audience’s attention though he did not relate the topic directly to them.

He did preview the body of his speech and created good will with the audience, He used good connectives to bridge the different parts of his speech. He did use filler words such as “um” and “uh” often in his speech. Within the body of his persuasive speech, the speaker used good examples with effective problems and solutions to demonstrate how a Mac computer is superior to a PC. He gave good information although some of that information was not clear. He used good sources for his speech but he did not mention them during his actual speech.

Other than not mentioning his sources, however, the speaker did follow his text. His ending was good. He recapped his points about the pros of owning a Mac instead of owning a PC. He left the audience smiling and it was obvious they enjoyed his speech as well. In conclusion, the speaker gave a well organized persuasive speech with lots of great information and facts. He was engaging with the audience and used connectives well. With just a little work on his use of such fillers as “um” and “uh” and minimizing the fidgeting of his body, he will move up from a good speaker to a great speaker.

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