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Outside Speech Evaluation

The speaker was one of the directors of the World Environmental Organization. He informed the audience that he was a scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He had worked as a professor in various universities teaching science and chemistry. He graduated from one of the top schools in the country with a master’s degree in Environmental Studies. He had worked for various government offices to become an advisor when it comes to environmental issues.

He had been working in the organization for quite sometime now and he, together with the whole organization, wanted to go to different schools to educate young people about the environment through giving speeches. The speech was given in an ecology class inside an auditorium. It was suitable for an event like this because of the large space that it provides. It can accommodate a class consisting of up to 150 students. It is also built with proper equipments like a microphone, a platform, and a blackboard that can be used by presenters. However, this type of setting can make it difficult to monitor everyone that is present during the speech.

It is hard to determine the percentage of the audience that is really paying attention to the speaker. There would also be instances when some of the equipments of the auditorium are malfunctioning and cannot be used for presenting a speech. The auditorium was filled with approximately 75 students and one professor to take part in the presentation. While there were some who were there because they were interested in what the speaker had to say, majority of the audience were there because it was for an ecology class, and it was natural that the students present at that time were taking the course.

It was also for this reason that majority of the audience paid much attention to the speaker and the speech. The purpose of the speech was to make the students more aware of various environmental issues. As such, the speaker directs the content of his speech to the students. It can be seen that the audience were greatly interested in the speech because they were intently listening and even taking down notes. Some were creating questions, which they would later ask the speaker.

It is important for speakers to get through to their audiences because it would mean leaving an impact to them, which would make the speech worthwhile. For this particular speech, the speaker was able to get through to his audience by providing facts and figures regarding different environmental issues. He narrated how serious the environmental problems are becoming not only in the United States but in the whole world. He urged everyone in the audience to participate and take action so that the situation does not go from bad to worse.

His tactics were very effective because it can be observed that people listened to him. What he did was needed due to the urgency of the problems, as well as his, and the whole organization’s, determination to impart awareness to the students. The speech specifically focused on getting the support of the students to make them more aware of what is happening in the world in terms of environmental issues. The speaker stated that the public need to be more active in their involvement and it is better to start with young people like students because they understand things better and they have the drive to do things.

He indicated that they do not have to be presented with facts just to make them realize the gravity of the environmental situation. He stated that people just need to observe more carefully like how hot it becomes in the summer or how cold it gets during the winter. People are getting sicker each year due to pollution brought about by automobiles and different factories all over the world. Wildlife animals are losing their natural habitats due to industrialization. Species are getting extinct or endangered because of the harmful environment that man produces.

Although the speaker did not need to present evidences on how serious the environmental problems are becoming nowadays, he still insisted on showing statistical data, facts, figures, pictures, videos to his audience to back up what he was trying to say and prove. He presented his organization and what they believed in, which is that Mother Earth needs the help of every human being to be able to continue providing a home to everyone. It was actually not that difficult to persuade this particular audience because majority of them are already interested in the subject, as they are environment studies majors.

Looking at the reasoning that the speaker used during the speech, no fallacies could be distinguished since the issue at hand can be seen and realized just by looking at the world around you. The speaker’s reasons where justified when he presented the evidences that environmental issues need to be focused upon by the public. He indicated that if people do not start acting right now, if they do not actively participate in ongoing efforts to improve the status of the environment, then they might just wake up one day and realize that they do not have any Earth to call home anymore.

What is notable in the speaker’s delivery is his sense of passion in what he does and what he believes in, which makes it easier for the audience to agree with him and give support. Everything about what he said was true and was not hard to believe considering it does not take one to research deeply to realize what is going on in the world. Evaluation of the speech in terms of providing an impact to the audience reveals that there is no need for improvement because the speaker did a good job in presenting his claims and evidences to make the audience want to support him.

He also delivered the speech in such a way that young people like students could relate to and understand it very easily. He used a style, tone, and languages that were apt to his audience, and these factors made it easier for the students to listen to him and pay attention. Overall, the speech was very good partly because the speaker did a good job in delivering it. The fact that the audience could relate easily with the subject because it was a course they were majoring in also helped.

The audience did not have a hard time trying to maintain their attention to the speaker and what he was trying to say because he was discussing not just a national issue but one that involves the whole world. The students were taking down notes and were eager to ask questions because they wanted to learn more. The arguments made by the speaker were appropriate and were made even stronger by the evidences that were presented to support them. The various environmental problems should be taken seriously by everyone and people need to start caring and acting at this moment.

The best part of the speech was when he pleaded with the audience just to make them realize that he is serious in his intentions. The flow of the entire speech was perfect because the audience did not experience any confusion in terms of following what the speaker was saying. It was well thought of and very professional even if it used casual and informal language and tone. When trying to come up with a good speech, speakers and presenters need to remember few things. First, no matter how unsuitable the physical setting is, if the audience finds the arguments and the whole speech worth listening to, nothing will stop them.

As such, it is important to create a speech that will make an impact to the audience no matter where the presentation occurs. Second, it is always good to present evidences to support the speech’s arguments so that the audience would see the point of the whole speech. Another important thing to remember is to have constant interaction with the audience and to make sure that they are not lost. Lastly, speakers need to determine the purpose of their speech because without a purpose, there is no doubt that the audience will get the point of the speech.

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