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Macon Cherry Tours

The allure that sparks from this heartthrob of Southern U. S. A. welcomes many and one who enjoys a good tour. Macon, Georgia is a complete and exciting showcase of events, festivals, sights and sounds that warrants life and fund. A lively state population at 97,255 with a demographic distribution reflecting significantly an estimated median household income of $23,956 per annum (as of 2005) – Macon holds big promises. The further encouragement for the tourism industry is the enthusiasm of other U. S. citizens.

And with it goes the need for sufficient and efficient logistical support to ensure pleasurable trips and visits to this Cherry Blossom Capital of the World. It is therefore for your consideration and conviction that investing in this profitable bandwagon of tour bus services will reward you in two-fold: one, you will contribute to the overall health and wealth of the tourism industry of Macon, Georgia, and, two, you will benefit from maximum return on your investment. BACKGROUND OF THE BUSINESS PLAN:

It is considered that the influx of domestic and foreign tourists into Macon, Georgia is commendable. “Tourism expenditures contributed $257 Million to Macon’s economy in 2006. These expenditures supported 3,280 jobs, produced $68. 1 Million in resident wages earned, and generated $7. 63 Million in local tax revenue and $10. 32 Million in state tax revenue. ” (Tourism Statistics, 2007). This is because the outline of events, festivities, activities, sights and history are enormous and inviting.

Guests can choose from “taking a tour walk; attending fairs; visiting museums; looking in awe at the monuments and heritage buildings and historical landmarks; be captivated with gallery exhibitions; theatre plays and arts shows; and be efficiently served at its convention hall. ” (Places To Visit in Macon, 2000-2008). There are presently six tour bus operating company services in the city. Coming up with another tour bus company has a place in the foreseen growth of the tourism industry of Macon.

It is because congruent with the vision of the city, the continued provision of support services of the industry must be looked into. OUTLINE OF THE SURVEY: A random, basic survey was conducted among 100 participants. 80% of the respondents are residents of Georgia and 20% are from nearby states. The survey was generally based on a simple “yes” and “no” open-ended question, to simply gather into three main categories the opinions generated.

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