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The National Day

The National Day, or the Second of December, is the most important national holiday in the History of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is a day of celebration and jubilation across the streets of Abu Dhabi and the remaining parts of the United Arab Emirates. The National Day is a landmark occasion in the history of the UAE that reflects its glorious past guided by a wise visualization of their founding fathers that led to their bright future today.

This future has already proved to be one of tremendous achievements that have demonstrated the capability of the people to overcome obstacles in their march towards progress. A country that was not given any chance of survival at all at independence, following wrangling in the Middle East, a country largely filled with deserts, who would have given them a chance. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has really come of age. Right from the pre-independence era to this present time, the United Arab Emirates has grown in leaps and bounds.

The 37th anniversary marking their independence from Britain on the 2nd of December 1971 was marked with pomp and pageantry and goes a long way to prove that the citizens of this country are really enjoying the fact that they are citizens of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The United Arab Emirates had depended on oil for so many years, the funds generated from the exploration was used in various sectors of the economy, largely because the government has utilized the oil wealth of Abu Dhabi to the benefit of all the emirates.

But due to the fact that oil is gradually depleting, there had to be other viable sources of generating income for this richly blessed country. After booming success in the oil industry, the economy had to be diversified. The government and other corporate bodies had to invest in tourism; this solid step has turned the country into a center of attraction to everybody that loves fun and has shown that tourism is capable of generating income for this potentially great country.

Apart, from all other tourist spots, the emirates boasts of one of the best hotels in the world, a seven star hotel in the name of ‘the Burj al Arab Hotel’ in the city of Dubai. It is one of a numerous extravagantly designed luxury hotels in Dubai, the commercial and transportation center of the United Arab Emirates. It has proved to become a good revenue generator for the country, with various conferences being held there and it serves as a great relaxation spot for the super rich.

It has become a place to be for everybody that loves fun. Annual visitations to Dubai by foreign tourists have turned the United Arab Emirates to a Mecca of some sorts. The country has developed steadily into the country of everybody’s dreams, everybody wants to be in the United Arab Emirates, everybody wants to be an emirate, everybody wants to take a tour to one of the most magnificent places in the world, it is in everybody’s dream to visit this beautiful country at least once and experience the utopia side of life.

It was celebration galore in all sheikhdoms of the UAE; Emiratis all came out en masse to celebrate the 37th anniversary of their beloved country; but can you blame them. The oil resources, and other revenue generators; such as the various tourist centers has fashioned the United Arab emirates to be one of the most modern countries in the world and stands well above other countries in their region. The recent celebration really shows that the Emiratis are so proud of their country, in the way they celebrated; it was all fun and fanfare in the streets of Abu Dhabi.

From the parade of vehicles to the blasting of music, it was jubilation all through. Houses, cars, trees and even the citizens were painted with the national colors of the country and who would not be proud of a country that has achieved so much in just 37 years of its existence, a feat that other countries that were granted independence years before them cannot adequately boast of. This phenomenal success is nothing short of a miracle.

This year’s celebration was different from others before it, the Government declared this year as the year of National identity, and these could be seen in the way the people responded. The national holiday celebration was sensational as people marched into the streets chanting and singing praises of their beloved country and relishing on the various achievements of their country in the past 37years with parades and marching bands, patriotic speeches, and displays of fireworks, everybody just wanted to identify with this great country.

Even the children were not left behind, they also joined in the celebration, laughing and cheering. This phenomenal achievement is worth celebrating. The peaceful co-existence of the federation of seven emirates, in spite of the political wrangling in other countries in the Middle East is worth celebrating. The economic growth and development of this country is worth celebrating. So to the Emiratis keep popping the champagne, keep playing the cymbal.

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