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Management and Sociology

Every person has to be equipped with the necessary tools needed to adapt to the changes that occur worldwide. For this reason, I found it best to enroll in a management course to allow me to gather enough knowledge to enable me to emerge at the top of any organization that I might be asked to manage in the future. The integration of International Management and Sociology would allow me to immerse and understand the diversity of varying cultures worldwide.

The program developed for this course has given importance to the need to develop the required skills and knowledge needed to govern any management or business that the student might be involved in the future. The subjects offered for management touches on the salient features that are needed in the field of business, management, people skills and others to become competitive individuals in this respective field. The study of sociology is a good combination with management since it would give way for a better understanding of human nature possessed by different kinds of people worldwide.

Sociology is the study that gives a more in-depth investigation and approach of social welfare. According to C. Wright Mills’ “The Sociological Imagination”, the study of Sociology opens us to a wider perspective on how we view the world, and gives us our identity as we study our own history, biography and their relationship with the society. The choice of International Management and Sociology is a good combination to reach the ladder of success. Resources: C. Wright Mills. The Sociological Imagination

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