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Marvel Dolly

Ever since I was a child, I have always been avidly interested in the sciences. As I was growing up in the United States, I would participate in every science fair at my school. I did everything from designing my first volcano to creating an electric circuit. However, I can still remember the first time this general interest started to become what is now a focused passion. One day in 1996, I came across a (show? article? news program? ) detailing how Professor Ian Wilmut and his colleagues at the Roslin Institute produced the first living clone from a cell taken from an adult mammal. They named this scientific marvel Dolly.

At the time, my father explained to me that Dolly was an exact replica of another animal. This was my first encounter with the science of Genetic engineering. I was so enraptured by the entire concept that I instantly became almost engrossed with the idea of cloning specifically, and Genetics in general. As time passed, I became even more and more interested in the field as new articles about amazing advances were published; from the hope of finding a cure for cancer to the potential production of Insulin from alpha cells, the potentials of this science were tremendous and innumerable.

Even shortly after being introduced to Dolly the sheep, I knew that I wanted to be a part this world and even contribute to it someday. At university, I majored in clinical laboratory sciences as a stepping stone to later study Medical Genetics. I took subjects ranging from Clinical Biochemistry to Medical Genetics that would prepare me to pursue a Masters degree and, later on, a career in Medical Genetics. From February 2008 until March 2009, I interned at King Faisal Hospital and Research Center and trained at both the Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics Laboratories, obtaining an excellent evaluation in both.

At these laboratories, I observed and practiced DNA isolation and purification from whole blood sample, gel electrophoresis, PCR, DNA sequencing and screening for mutations, and basic cell cultures. I also observed and practiced Karyotyping and FISH at Cytogenetics. During my internship, I attended many conferences and lectures at the main hospital which increased my interest and knowledge in Genetics; examples of these are the “Genetic Counselling and Preventive Screening Programs in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia” conference and the more recent “Hereditary diseases prevention is the best cure” workshop.

I see myself as a rather well-rounded person; I enjoy writing, debating, and physical exercise such as volleyball, swimming, horseback riding, and tae kwon do. I also take pleasure in reading in my spare time and I most recently read an interesting paper in one of my favourite publications (Scientific American). The article was titled “The proof is in the proteins: Test supports universal common ancestor for all life,” and it was basically about a researcher who proved the biological assumption of a single common ancestor.

While this is the kind of innovative work that I can see myself doing someday, I do want to be involved in research that is more in the vein of helping people. Giving back is a priority in my life; I am also an active member of two charity organizations, The Good Tree Organization and Zahra Breast Cancer Association. In fact, my personal dream is to someday make a significant contribution to the scientific world in a way that benefits humanity. This may seem like an idealistic and cliche dream, but I do believe that I have the drive to achieve it.

In fact, many of the major decisions I have made in my life were steps to bring me as close to this ultimate goal as possible. For this reason, because of my innate lifelong interest in the field, and because of the great potential to directly change lives I know the field to have, my future plans revolve around pursuing a career in both academia and medical research. I have come far in my life to reach these long-term and ultimate goals, and I now find myself completely prepared to enter the next phase in this endeavour.

This next vital step involves joining the MSc program in Genetics of Human Disease in University College London. I have put much thought and research into these life choices and I know that UCL is one of the best universities not only in the United Kingdom and Europe, but globally as well. This specific course interested me because it comprehensively covers my area of interest; it will not only provide me with a deep understanding of human diseases and their underlying genetic factors, but will also equip me with the essential research knowledge, skills, and experience I will need to succeed in my future goals.

After I obtain my Masters degree, the next step in my plan to reach my dream is to acquire my PhD soon after. For now, however, I am simply looking forward to starting the next phase of my life at this university. I am excited at the prospects of living independently and what other experiences may await me at graduate school.

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