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Moral innocence

Moral innocence as well as the belief in objective truth and value, for other people, may be undermined by the movement toward relativism, skepticism, pluralism, or diversity of points of view but I don’t think it does. There are issues in this world that we need to stand for, there are new ideas that we may or may not embrace with its entirety. People have differences and we respond to situations differently and look at things in different ways. There may be issues that may be acceptable and understandable to others while it may be unacceptable and unbecoming for other.

There may be new ideas as the world progress but the moral innocence of a person will not be tainted by the mere emergence of these. People are not trained to believe in objective truth and value – these are inculcated and imbedded in them through time. Moral innocence, even as years pass by, may be held by people if they decide to. External factors may obviously affect them and the way they view things and life in general but holding on to something that they have been accustomed to is more of a personal choice and a personal decision.

Relativism offers the thought that some universal truths are not absolute but rather emerge from social customs. On the other hand, pluralism is the belief that there are more thoughts and ideas on different issues and situations. Deriving from the root word plural, it means that there may be other truths, not just one absolute one, and this may cause conflict of ideas and beliefs. Moreover, skepticism denies or doubts some basic or universal knowledge. The emergence of new ideas and philosophies tend to create disagreement between and amongst different people. As I have noted, people respond differently in various situations.

Acceptance or rejection of a new thought is not a matter of just saying yes and no, it is not a matter of embracing it as it is seen in the mainstream. In the future, there may be new thoughts that may arise and it is something that we cannot stop. It is either we swim through it, accept it, believe it or totally reject it — everything is up to the person to whom these ideas and thoughts are being offered to. As we contemplate on whether to accept and embrace these ideas, making a stand on something that we believe in, and in the innocence of our own morality is a matter of choice that we have to make.

We have been born with a freedom to choose on matters that we deemed either negative or progressive for us. We have the choice to choose the things that we think best suits us. These ideas were created not to be implemented but to be studies and understood the way it is being served to us. The final choice is ours, whether we will accept it and allow it to undermine our own moral innocence or to just leave it as a thought, floating in mid-air. Section A; 2 Death is inevitable as life can be and people respond to this phenomenon differently.

Some dread it while others welcome it with all its mystery. However we look at it, react to it and try to comprehend it, there is one truth that lies behind it — death is the start of the process of letting go. It is always difficult to say goodbye and to let go of someone that we hold most dear to us. It is always difficult and painful to be the one to be left behind, to experience the pain of starting each day without being able to hold and be with the person who we value the most and to whom we have spent our lives with, shared ourselves with and learned to love and respect.

The death of someone from our family or within the circle of our friends is one of the most painful and most excruciating experiences we could ever go through because through death we experience loss and when we lose something we get hurt and grieve. The person who dies does not only leave us physically but also leaves us emotionally drained. There is no easy way of letting go, of saying goodbye, especially to the people who have been a part of who we are. Their demise makes those people left behind vulnerable and susceptible to feel the pain of being alone and deserted.

It is harder and more emotionally hard for the people being left behind because it is not only the pain of being left that they have to handle. Grieving for the loss of a loved one is not a one-day process. There are various steps to be able to move on from a terrible loss and to accept the death with more ease. When death happens to a family, the effect is not radiated only one particular person but the entire family. Each family, aside from accepting the demise of a love one, has to learn how to develop their own way of coping with the situation.

The way they react to this may be influenced by cultural and spiritual values. Grieving with the rest of the family is important as each member stands as a support system to each other. It is always harder for those left behind for various reasons and the very obvious one is because they are the ones who still can feel the pain, they are the ones who has to learn how to accept it and the ones who has to undergo through a rigorous process of being in pain, grieving and accepting it.

It is harder because the one in the loosing end is the one who should be brave enough to face the fact that life will not be the same without the person who left them. However, no matter how painful it may be, the earlier we accept that death is a destination for every living thing, the better. Although it is a given fact that the one being left behind is the one that has the greatest difficulty because of the feeling of loss, death should not be a hindrance in continuing with life and enjoy the things it has to offer.

Even if the death of our loved ones would cause us the feeling of a terrible loss, it is always better to keep the good and happy memories so that the only remaining thing that would stay with us is not grief and pain but the memory of life, love and the sense of togetherness. Section B; 2 Death is a destination that we would all go to and if somehow I would be able to know the exact time of my death I’d spend it with the people I have taken for granted and share my time and experiences with people who needs it the most.

I would spend my time with the less fortunate, especially with children and the elderly who have been abandoned by their families. I will make the children feel how beautiful life is. Also, I will make the elderly feel that even at the dawn of their lives there are precious moments that are worth to be kept. I will start a fund raising project that would help these abandoned children and elderly to start and continue their lives.

I will spend time sharing the knowledge I have gained through the years to those people who are afraid to take the risk of pushing themselves to the limit, and help them understand that the best defense against prey’s in the world is to be equipped with knowledge and wisdom. At the dawn of my days in the earth, I am planning to impart something for the betterment of the lives of people, no matter how small it is, I want to be able to say in my death bed that I was able to impart something good in this world and that I have had my share for the advancement and development of humanity.

Lastly, I will be at peace with those people I have hurt and forgive those who have hurt me, intentionally or not. I will thank the people who have loved me unconditionally and have accepted me for the person I am and the person I have been. I will spend more time with the people I love the most and give them back all the good things that I have been blessed with. I will spend the remaining days of my life making people happy, helping them feel good about themselves and bringing smile to everyone, something that they could bring with them that could remind of my meaningful existence on earth.

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