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Most Powerful and All-Knowing

What are the central beliefs of Islam, and how are they reflected in the `Five Pillars` (McInerney, 2003)? Central beliefs of Islam include to believe in one God Allah, believe in all His prophets, believe in all the four holy books, the angels, and the Day of Judgment. The true power lies in God’s hand and He’s the Most Powerful and All-Knowing. The basic faith of Islam lies in the fact that there is only God Allah who has complete power and complete knowledge about everything. The faith also involves believing in His prophets that all were His men and sent by Him.

None among them were equal to God and none is His son or daughter. The purpose of sending prophets was to guide mankind and to show them right path. God created this world with some purpose. He sent His prophets to guide mankind towards the truth. He also sent four scriptures, Torah to Moses, Zaboor to Dawood, Injeel (bible) to Jesus and Quran to Mohammad salalaho alaihay wasalam. The last book Quran was promised by Allah that He’ll protect from being changed so till this time it is in its original form.

While the earlier books were changed by the men according to their wishes hence they are not in their original form today. The five pillars of Islam are five different kinds of worships God has made mandatory for His believers, the Muslims. These are (i) five time prayers (namaz), (ii) fasting in the month of Ramazan, (iii) zakat (charity) to poor, (iv) Hajj once in lifetime (for those who can bear the cost), (v) and Jihad (strive in the way of Allah). The central theme of all these five pillars is to worship only one God Allah and whatever we do, we do it solely for his pleasure not for publicity and popularity.

The ultimate benefit of all these pillars reaches a person who follows them and the society. Observing five time prayers makes a person with direct contact with His Creator and a bond of trust and love is established between the Creator and the worshipper. Prayers also lead a person to right track and keep him away from doing wrongful and bad activities. Fasting is another kind of worship that is solely done for Allah. The major benefit is God’s pleasure and love, and the minor benefits include health, control on appetite and slim body. Charity (zakat) is worship for the wealth person has.

All money and wealth is granted by God to the person so he must give charity for His cause to His people. This is a test by Allah to see how one can spend money in His way. Charity spreads prosperity and diminishes sufferings of poor. Hajj (pilgrimage) is another sign of love for Allah and a kind of worship unique for those who are wealthier enough to bear the cost and expenditures. Jihad is to struggle in the way of Allah to protect Muslims from enemies and also to spread Islam. Which of the Five Pillars do you feel would be easiest to fulfill, and which would be the most challenging (McInerney, 2003)?

The easiest one is to spend money in the way of Allah through charity. Whatever you earn you can spend a penny or two to help others. Fasting is also easy if you take your proper meal in the morning and in the evening. Pilgrimage and prayers are a bit challenging as one has to observe regular prayers five times a day. But it will be the most pleasurable and rewarding once a person acquires the habit. Once a person becomes habitual then it is also the easiest one that you don’t need to go anywhere but just pray wherever you’re and it takes on 10-15 minutes per prayer.

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