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Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving is an alcohol abuse prevention program that aims to educate adults, adolescents, and children regarding the hazards of alcohol abuse combined with road driving. The history of MADD originated from willpower of Candace Lightner and her friends, which was brought about by the heartbreaking death of the latter’s daughter at the hands of a drunk driver. As a result, MADD was established in 1980 in California, and was eventually incorporated on September 5, 1980 by concerned citizens.

This movement aspired to influence a different view of the acceptability of driving after drinking alcohol, along with its shattering consequences on the safety of the public. By 1982, there were 100 nationwide chapters, 17 of which were in California. Through MADD’s determination, the Zero Tolerance legislation was passed in all 50 States in 1998, and as of July 2004, these 50 states have also passed the . 08 BAC law, which was a strike against drunk driving. Mission

Originally, MADD was only committed to get drunk drivers off the roads; however, due to its expanding and developing work, its mission is likewise constantly updated in order to guide the organization. At present, the organization’s mission statement reads: “The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking” (MADD, 2009). Scope of Activities and Services MADD is aimed against the misconduct of drunk driving and not the individuals.

For that reason, the organization is providing grassroots leadership to generate vital social change in the behavior and attitude of people toward drunk driving. By 1999, MADD had significantly expanded its work on putting off underage drinking, and the organization’s efforts in this area were supported and encouraged by the public, media, educators, corporations and the government (MADD, 2009). In 2002, MADD created the Path of Hope alcohol awareness program specifically designed for Native American tribes, and also created a website for Spanish-speaking population of America.

MADD’s services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are free of charge (MADD, 2009). People and Groups it Serves MADD provides resources and services to assist survivors, victims and their families deal with the difficult medical, legal, emotional and financial implications. Moreover, in order to promote related public programs, policies, and personal responsibility, MADD gathers together the aforesaid people and their supporters to establish public declaration that drunk driving is a criminal act and unacceptable.

Current Goals As the forefront of society, MADD persistently points out that drinking and driving will not be tolerated. Awareness programs and prevention education, new laws and severe penalties are being developed to help get this significant message to people of all backgrounds and ages. Although the existent drunk driving problem has been curtailed to a reasonably small group of habitual “hard-core” delinquents, yet the organization also continues to focus on trustworthy adults. Size/Structure/Location

MADD’s main headquarter is located in Irving, Texas, with numerous chapters scattered locally and internationally. Its national board of directors is composed of nationally recognized business leaders and researchers and volunteers. Laura Dean-Mooney, MADD National President for July 2008 to June 2011, joined the organization following the death of her husband in a drunk driving accident (MADD, 2009). As National President of MADD, she plans to change the laws in all 50 states with the hope that someday, the society will witness a total eradication of drunk driving.

From its humble beginnings almost three decades ago, MADD has developed into one of the most admired and widely supported non-profit organizations in the United States. MADD has challenged the society, took on an influential industry, stood toe to toe with politicians, and generated an acceptable reaction. Without a doubt, MADD has gone from a small congregation of strong-willed women, to an enormous organization with more than 600 chapters nationwide.

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