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Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth or FOE is an international network of advocates of environmental causes around the world. This organization is operating at the grassroots level in more than twenty countries around the world focused in helping to determine environmental and social problems and formulate and propose solutions that will resolve them. The members of the organization carry the name of the organization representing seventy-seven nations in all. Other members are activist groups in various localities or communities that support the causes supported by the FOEI.

The organization works with other organizations, institutions, and specific populations in order to achieve more efficient results that looks into the promise of problem-solving not only by proposing some plausible answers to environmental and social problems, but also fighting against economic, political, and business systems that promote globalization which the organization believes to be one of the major causes of some challenges and difficulties that the society and the environment is experiencing at present time. (“About Friends of the Earth International,” 2007)

In order to become a member of the organization, certain criteria must be met. FOEI requires its members to be free from the influences of political parties, ethnic groups, religious organizations, and such, willing to work for the direct programs and activities initiated by FOEI itself, while at the same time concentrating on resolving environmental and social issues at the national and grassroots level, adhering to the principle of democracy in structuring their group or organization, and becoming leaders in being active, mobile, dynamic, and responsive in upholding the goals and objectives of FOEI.

(“Criteria for Membership,” N. D. ) The programs and activities of the FOEI are being sustained through donations from external organizations and individuals who believe in what the organization can do. People who want to support FOEI may donate money in lump sum or through regular monthly donations. FOEI also obtains funds from sponsorships and their engagement with fundraising activities that are also supportive of their goals and objectives as a socially and environmentally responsive institution. (“Ways to Support Friends of the Earth International,” N. D.

) In order to lessen the work load, people who are interested may also pose as volunteers for the FOEI. Moreover, FOEI offers various products such as calendars and clothes that people may purchase. The funds obtained from sales will go to the funding of programs and activities by the FOEI. For this year, the FOEI is currently working on rallying against some practices encouraged by the Nigerian government that is endangering the environment and the people. Through an online petition, the FOEI wishes to urge the Nigerian government in stopping the practice of gas flaring as a means of producing oil.

Not only is this harmful to the environment and unsafe for human beings, but it is also illegal. The FOEI is also focusing on its attendance to the World Social Forum in Brazil this year wherein other organizations and movements that are against capitalism will be able to conduct a discussion and a debate of how the social and environmental problems caused by capitalism is to be resolved through the formulation of impartial and efficient means. (“Friends of the Earth International Blog, 2009)

Due to the comprehensive scope of the FOEI, addressing not only environmental concerns but also social problems as well, and with activities and advocacies ranging from forests, to finance in terms of how taxes paid by the people are being put to just and meaningful use, globalization to capitalism, the weather, and such, FOEI establishes its fervent position in helping to establish public policies that are in favor of the interest of the people. It has openly discussed its opposition and criticisms of economic systems, even political practices and business policies and operations that uphold the flawed concept of globalization.

With the organization’s numerous members who will back its concerns and advocacies, nations will surely consider including the recommendations and propositions presented by FOEI in the formulation of public policies, which will consequently lead to their accomplishment of success in terms of achieving their goals and objectives in making a change in the economic, political, and corporate setting to uphold environmental and social policies. References “About Friends of the Earth International. ” (2007). Retrieved February 1, 2009, from Friends of the Earth International.

Website: http://www. foei. org/en/who-we-are/about “Criteria for Membership. ” (N. D. ). Retrieved February 1, 2009, from Friends of the Earth International. Website: http://www. foei. org/en/who-we-are/about/membercriteria. html “Friends of the Earth International Blog. ” (2009). Retrieved February 1, 2009, from Friends of the Earth International. Website: http://www. foei. org/en/blog “Ways to Support Friends of the Earth International. ” (N. D. ) Retrieved February 1, 2009, from Friends of the Earth International. Website: http://www. foei. org/en/get-involved/donate

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