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My desire to become a teacher

I have gone through a lot of experiences in my lifetime. But it was only recently that I discovered that would like to have a career in teaching. Personally, when I was a child, I already expressed an interest in teaching. However, due to certain factors and events, I pursued a different career as an administrative assistant of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Dallas. I can trace my new-found enthusiasm to teach to two main reasons: my stint as Vice-President and Director of Human Resources of the Association of Certified Examiners and my children as well as my grandchildren.

As the Vice-President and Director of HR for the said Association, I basically oversaw the management and administration of operations and employment services of the organization’s 70+ employees. Most of all, it was during time that I was actually able to handle people, who were mostly young, hands-on. I realized that it was my responsibility to lead and teach those under me in such a way that our association functions effectively.

Most of all, this particular experience made me realize that while there are a lot of lessons and values that I can learn in life, the important thing is that I am able to pass them on to younger generations. It is no secret that being a mother of two grown daughters and a son and also a grandmother of two young boys, I have reached a point in my life where I can simply enjoy the fruits of my labor and watch my children and their children grow.

However, I realized that I bored the responsibility of guiding the younger members of my family so that they would not go astray and would grow up with productive and meaningful lives. But I also felt that this responsibility should not be limited to my family alone. I felt that I still have a greater calling, one that encompasses a broader horizon and transcends younger generations, which is why I pursued a career as a teacher. As I have said above, the lessons, knowledge, and values that I have gained over the course of my life would not be any good if I did not pass them down.

I know that I have learned so much in life that I wanted to teach them to younger people. Moreover, I am basically the type of person who mainly finds a lot of joy in working with and teaching young people, which is why I’m particularly interested in teaching students in early childhood to 6th grade. As a parent, I have learned these years are important years of a person’s growth and development and it is crucial for young people to have a competent teacher who possesses values and who would guide them as they go through the many stages of lie.

I also believe that my experience as a leader and as a parent has developed in me the appropriate traits, skills, and most of all, attitudes that would no doubt help me become more than capable to be a teacher. For one, I am very patient when it comes to kids and would have no trouble in dealing with their tantrums, mischief, and other attitudes that most teachers face. I also believe that it is both an honor and a privilege to be able to teach young people and play a vital role in their development.

Most of all, one of my main goals is to see my students apply and live the lessons and values that I have taught them because for me, this is the greatest measure of a teacher’s success. In short, it is my greatest desire to become a teacher because I want to be able to mold young people into competent, highly-respectable and well-rounded individuals who eventually become successful in the future. I believe that I possess the necessary traits, values, skills, and experience that would enable me to become an adept and versatile teacher that would help young people accomplish their dreams and aspirations.

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