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Neolithic Period: Where it all Began

The Euphrates was the birthplace of the Neolithic Age, as many of the archeological sites in the area would suggest. Archeologists were also able to determine that this was the site wherein farming and the establishment of communities first began. However, one question would still reverberate: could rapid development really happen to hunting-gathering nomads? The excavation on Southern Turkey suggests that it may be possible, as a society or a community was discovered—the carved pillars and pottery were indications of a permanent settlement of an advanced group—which dates back between 9500-8100 BC, possibly more.

Gobekli Tepe, the community, practiced agriculture since it was close to the Euphrates, and they accommodated people that travel through their settlement. In The Badisches Landesmuseum at Karlsruhe Castle, the sites discovered in Turkey were exhibited through photographs, archeological finds like pottery, replicas of the carved pillars, and the like. The exhibit was separated into three phases, with two parts each.

At the end, eleven issues were stated that involved the occurrence of the Neolithic. As expected from the experts, they immediately preserved the evidences, took samples for testing, and recorded everything through videos, photographs, and notes. The arrangement of the museum’s exhibit would formulate an argument related to the Gobekli Tepe and Nevah Cori as communities wherein people would visit in the past.

They would live a sedentary life within these communities as experts would suggest. They entailed a preoccupation with fertility—which fits the sedentary life perfectly. Overall, the exhibit was rated to be a provocative experience. Works Cited James, N. “The place that caused the Neolithic. ” Article Archives. 1 September 2007. 28 April 2009. < http://www. articlearchives. com/travel-hospitality-tourism/destinations-attractions/546269-1. html>

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