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Network Culture

With the advent of the computers and the rise of the internet era, the entire world has been just a click away. Not only have our lives taken off in the fast lane but also the global culture has taken a colossal leap. Queues have disappeared; utility bills are at out fingertips, news reaches us before we see it on the tube or the paper and planning a weekend getaway was never better; all thanks to the internet. Kazys Varnelis calls the Network Culture as a broadly historical phenomenon in The Rise of Network Culture.

It is a historical phenomenon and the shift has been significant and perpetual. It has not only carved the way our society works but has greatly shaped the day to day lives of a common man and the economy of the nations across the globe. It has entered into the ways of our lives and has greatly influenced the manners of our social order. With lives moving vertically every hour, one might wonder how social can we get with others. With an incessant effort to keep pace with ongoing things, it seems impossible to maintain a constant touch with the things that may have been left far behind.

The increasing social networking communities have emerged to be a perfect solution for the problem. Social communities seem to be the fast and easiest way to connect back to life and all those people who might be oceans apart. Long lost friends, distant relatives, faraway enemies, all seem to have come closer than before. Online communities, dating websites, chatting sites, cultural groups, professional communities from around the world, share the same platform through the internet.

People share views, experiences, problems, solutions, comments, feedbacks, reviews, photographs, movies and much more. Marketing a personal or a business product has become cheaper and is now less time consuming. Posting a message or a flash of news to a wider audience has been possible because of the online networking communities. The addiction is increasing day by day and the effects are clearly visible. It could be soon that humans will lose the personal touch and communication will merely be digital with emails, chats, forums and blogs.

With the increasing velocity in the online trends, future could be more digitized and electronic than one could ever imagine. Imagine all instruments and gadgets connected to the internet wirelessly, speedy data transfers from one device to another at the rate of multiple gigabytes per second. Communication would be quicker and life would definitely be faster than ever before. Works Cited “The Rise of Netwrok Culture” Kazys Varnelis 23 Feb 2009 < http://varnelis. net/the_rise_of_network_culture>

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